All Around The Campfire

Life Update

Yikes! Look at all the cobwebs and dust bunnies around here!

Except for two weeks in April and then a recent weekend trip to visit relatives, we haven’t been spending traditional time in the RV.

You see, our house is for sale. Rather than traveling to fun mountain campgrounds or lovely beach resorts, the motorhome is used as a place to store cats while we have showings.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. We get notice of a showing
  2. We run around like crazy people cleaning the already clean house
  3. We put the dinette down and toss a soft portable crate on the cushions
  4. We catch the cats in order of RV tolerance
  5. After we catch our breath, we drive to the BLM area just behind our neighborhood
  6. We wait one hour while the cats meow and wail
  7. We drive back toward our house. If we see cars, we drive around the block
  8. We pull into the driveway, open the garage door, and put the cats back in the house

We are moving 1100 miles away. I’ve worked out an arrangement of large wire pet crates with a cat buddy system, because some cats are not friends. Two of the cats yell a lot. They will be together farthest from the cab. Each of the crates will have a litter box, hammocks, and food and water bowls.

1100 miles, 2 people, and 7 cats in a 24 foot motorhome. What could possibly go wrong??!!??


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