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New Year’s Camping Resolutions

I can’t believe that it’s 2019 already! This means two big things:

Resolutions (or intentions)

Camping season is right around the corner!

Obviously the best thing to do is combine the two for happiness all around! I’ve been thinking long and hard about my RV resolutions for 2019.

camping resolutions

Start making reservations ASAP, but at the same time leave room for spontaneity. I tend to over-schedule, and then when I find a place I’d love to stay or extend a stay, I’m stuck. My first stops are always and, because I prefer state parks and national forest service/national park campgrounds.

Camp in several new places. It’s so comfortable to go to the old favorites, but I want to see new things! When we traveled for several months, I felt like we just got a brief overview of so many places, so I have a huge list of places to stay and explore.

Narrow my research into a larger RV. What do I want vs. what do I need. I want a fireplace, but I need more seating areas and a larger kitchen. (Ok, so I need the fireplace too.) I keep going back to a Tiffin Allegro Red.

Downsize my gear. I tell myself every year that this will be the year that I get rid of half of what I insist on having in the RV. I don’t need to be prepared for every zombie apocalypse.

Relax more. This is a tough one me. I’m a putterer. I make lists. I have overinflated expectation of how things should be. I simply can’t sit still. I want to savor my coffee in the morning. I want to sit by the fire without poking it with a stick every two seconds. I want to go on a hike without rushing because I need to fit 30 more things in that day.

For a bonus resolution, I’d like to take a few more family trips. My kids are all adults, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t travel with us a bit. Once I downsize my gear, I’ll have room for their tents!

Do you have camping resolutions? Have you already started planning 2019? Are you a huge overachiever and have 2019 already fully planned?

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