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That time I had to go to Kauai a day early

Facebook memories reminded me of one of the most stressful, craziest days during our 6 months of full-time travel. I’d actually be okay forgetting that day every happened. Seriously.

Long before we started our journey, we made non-refundable reservations for a week in Kauai ending on Christmas Day. Two of our kids were meeting us there, and they were set to arrive the day before our reservations began, so they had a hotel room a few minutes from the airport, and we would pick the up after we landed and picked up our rental car. Easy Peasy, right?

I’m a list-maker, planner, scheduler, etc, so I had a timeline of everything that needed to happen. We checked into Leaf Verde RV Resort (highly recommend!) a few days before our flight with reservations to leave the RV in their storage area while we were in Kauai. We had an overnight stay booked at a hotel near the airport that would keep our car for the week, and offered a shuttle to airport. My brother and his family were keeping the cat. Plans were going exactly according to schedule, and the day before we had to put the RV in storage and head to the hotel, I had a detailed list of errands, chores, and even some relaxation scheduled.Perfect.


Our site at Leaf Verde in Buckeye, Arizona

My phone woke me at 6:00 AM with a notification to check into my flight. I did that, and dozed off. A little while later when my husband woke up, I reminded him to go the app and add his boarding pass to his phone. He did that and then said the dreaded words. “I thought we were leaving Monday, so why does my boarding pass say tomorrow?”


Except he wasn’t. I frantically pulled up our reservation to discover that I booked our flight for the wrong day! I don’t do that. I have a lists. I have a calendar. I’m organized.

That’s when the insanity started, and by insanity, I mean I became a crazy person, and I don’t know why I wasn’t dragged to divorce court.

I flew out of bed and went into major freakout mode. I had so much to do! I had to change the airport hotel reservation, the car rental reservation, and frantically text my brother that we had to bring the cat in a few hours. I had to run down to the RV park office prepared to beg to be let into storage early. Thank God they had a spot they could move us into. I had to clean the motorhome, and empty the fridge. I had SO MUCH LAUNDRY. I needed to run to Walmart for a few random things. I needed to pack.

Some people cry or act calm when they are stressed. That day I turned into a monster. My poor husband finally made a cocktail and hid from me. It was maybe 10:00 AM. I do not blame him at all. I wanted to make a cocktail and hide from me. I was that crazy.

The park has a huge laundry room, so I put 4 loads in the wash and ran back to the RV to start cleaning and organizing. I gathered everything needed for Blitzen to stay at my brother’s house. I pulled the suitcases out of the storage compartment. I cleaned the bathroom. After the clothes went in the dryer, I cleaned out the fridge and stored the condiments into easy to grab bins. I started packing what wasn’t in the laundry room.

Finally after hours and hours (more like 40 minutes), I came back with loads of dry clothes. We packed our suitcases, packed up the car, and packed the cat. We put the motorhome in storage for the first time ever. It felt so weird to drive away and leave it behind a locked gate!

It was a little weird to drop the cat off my brother’s house, but Blitzen had a great time. He had a whole house to run around in instead of the motorhome. He had another cat to clean (Blitzen loves to clean other cats), and he had a dog to smack. He took over and insisted on sleeping in my brother’s bed. He’s demanding like that.

Arriving at the hotel was such a relief after an extremely stressful day. We plopped on the couch with beer, watched tv, and just relaxed. I turned a 30 hour prep time into roughly 6 hours. Not too shabby! We landed in Kauai 45 minutes before the kids.

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It was a stressful way to start a vacation, but the week ahead made it worth every bit of chaos.

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