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Christmas Gifts For The RVers On Your List

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Everywhere you go…”

Christmas Gifts for Rvers-2

With Christmas nearly upon us, I’ve been busy thinking about great gifts for RVers. There are things I have that I love, and there I things that I don’t have and really, really want.


  1. Instant Pot – I’ve found it quite useful in our travels, and I even used it to cook our Thanksgiving turkey last year. I like that it can be used inside, but it also works great outside on our grill table.
  2. Blackstone Griddle – this was a spur of the moment purchase  in the spring, and we used it lot when we spent 5 weeks in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming over the summer. It was well over a hundred degrees every day for the first couple of weeks of that trip, and the last thing we wanted to do was cook inside.
  3. Grill table – it’s rare that we don’t set that up when we arrive at a campsite. Even if we don’t use it for cooking, it is a great place to put things when we are outside.
  4. Space heater – our heat pump is so, so loud, but we don’t necessarily want to run the furnace on propane if we have an electric hookup.
  5. 300 piece puzzles – sure, it sounds weird, but sometimes you’re trapped inside because of bad weather, and puzzles are a great time killer. They can be more than 300 pieces, but for us that is the limit of our space. I’m partial to Charles Wysocki puzzles, because they are gorgeous.
  6. Thermacell – it really does work to keep the bugs down



  1. Misting system – we were at a park in Colorado, and it was incredibly hot outside. I found myself extremely jealous of a couple of campers that had a portable misting system clipped to their awning. They had a splitter on the water connection, so one hose ran to their trailer, and the other hose ran to their mister
  2. A large pretty tapestry. We don’t like putting something on our awning that is hard to pull down quickly in the wind. I always have a couple of sarongs on hand that I would clip to the awning with clothespins, but I’d like something larger.
  3. A folding wagon. This is high on my list. It would be great for hauling laundry, firewood, and beach gear. It would also be a great way for my husband to haul me back from the beach. I won’t tell him that or he’ll never give me one for Christmas.
  4. A nice cooler. It doesn’t have to be a Yeti, but I really want a Yeti. Our RV fridge is so small, and it doesn’t hold beer well if we also want to have things like food.
  5. A hammock stand (this one has a table!). If we stay somewhere without trees, I can’t set up the hammock. Sometimes a person just needs a nap in a hammock.
  6. A blow up kayak. I’m actually torn on this one. I have nice kayaks, and I could put a rack on my Jeep to carry them, but I think it might be easier to just go with something easier to store, because I don’t know how often I would be on the water.

There are so many other little things I can think of too, like a few extra device charging cables, a new 12V fan, and a total restock of the DVDs we’ve seen at least a million times.

What’s on your RV wish list?

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