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5 things I DON’T miss about full-time RVing

While I truly miss full-time RVing, there are a few things that I don’t miss at all!

5 Things I DON't Miss about Full-time RVing

Being cramped in a tiny space. When I watch RV shopping shows, and i see people looking at 40 foot fifth wheels with five slides, and they whine that there isn’t enough space, I roll my eyeballs so far back that I can see my brain. I don’t think eyes are supposed to do that. It hurts. Right now I’m sitting in my bedroom, and I can’t hear my husband breathe while he sits at the dining room table. This was actually a problem we had in our tiny RV!

My kitchen. I love having my mixer, a huge oven, and many, many small appliances. I haven’t actually used both Instant Pots at the same time, but if I want to use them both, I don’t have to put them outside on a grill table, because I have a kitchen island the size of a queen bed. Since it’s November, it’s baking season. I struggled to use the RV oven to cook a frozen pizza much less homemade bread or cookies. A huge bonus is the dishwasher! I hate, hate, hate washing dishes by hand.

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The bathroom in the RV was so small that my knees touch the door if I sit on the toilet. My bathroom in my house is nearly the size of my RV! I haven’t smacked my elbow on the shower door once since we’ve been home. Best of all? We went from one bathroom where my knees touch the door to three bathrooms! If I need to pee, and a bathroom is occupied, I can just go to another one a few steps away instead of rushing to a campground bathroom with my legs crossed.

I always have electricity and water, a washer and dryer, and I don’t have to dump the black tank! I can take a 30 minutes shower that stays hot! I don’t have to choose between washing my hair and shaving my legs. I can do laundry whenever I want. I can even do laundry while I’m running the dishwasher AND taking a long, hot shower.

Familiar places. I can make my grocery list by store aisle, because I know where everything is. I never realized how difficult grocery shopping would become on the road. Even with lists, I always forgot something, or I couldn’t find something I needed. However, I miss Aldi desperately! I heard there was a rush on their wine Advent calendars today.

Sadly, I received the call today that the motorhome has been winterized. I guess I will sit back and enjoy my house and my space until the winter thaw. Hopefully it’s an early one!

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