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5 Things I Miss About Full-time RVing

As we get ready to take the motorhome in to be winterized (yes, I know I could do it myself, but I don’t want to!), Ive been thinking about some things I miss about full-time RVing.

5 Things I miss about full-time Rving-4


  1. The ever changing view – when you’re RVing, if you don’t like the view, you just pack up and move. Mountains, beaches, deserts, lakes, cities, tiny towns. They are all out there just waiting to be seen.

  2. Exploring – weather permitting we were outside every single day. Sometimes that meant hiking. Other days we went to museums, or restaurants, or breweries, or aquariums. Some days we were feeling lazy, and we’d just hang out under the awning reading (or staring at our phones, but we will pretend we didn’t do that). My exercise took place outside. Now I walk on a treadmill or ride a spin bike.

  3. Grocery shopping was so much simpler when I had no space for any extras. Now I have a huge pantry and two refrigerators. They are all packed full, and I swear there is not one good thing to eat in this house! By good I mean easy of course.

  4. The weather – while we had a few miserable days, for the most part we followed the sun. I loved wearing shorts all winter long. I loved the desert air, the humid tropics, sitting on the beach in January. I loved every gorgeous day. I am a summer person, so snow birding feels incredibly natural to my body.

  5. Cleaning the RV – I could deep clean the entire motorhome in less that an hour. That includes awful things like wrestling clean sheets onto the bed tucked into the rear slide. Mopping was a two minute procedure. Everything had a place, and we tried to keep everything always in it’s place.

I could go on and on and on about the things I miss, but I promised myself I’d stop at five.

Just kidding! I forgot one. We had no idea how high the liquor tax was in Oregon until we traveled. It’s so much more satisfying to make a sunny afternoon cocktail after a long day of exploring when the liquor is half-price!

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