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Towing Trouble

Remember how during our three week run from Orlando, FL to Bend, OR, we were having issues with towing the Jeep – no lights and our Invisibrake wasn’t working. I managed to get it working in Nevada, and we didn’t unhook for the last 700 plus miles home. We thought we’d isolated the problem to the hitch plug on the motorhome, because I could wiggle the prongs and get a connection that worked. It wasn’t something that either of us felt confident replacing, even though youtube insisted it was an easy job.

Last week I dropped the motorhome off at the place that set up our towing system, handed them the keys, and I ran to the other end of town for more concrete sealer for my patio. (Stamped concrete is pretty, but it is the biggest pain in the butt to seal! Literally! I got stuck doing the edges along the house with the paintbrush, which means I duck walked halfway around my house. My butt muscles still hurt days later!) While I was at the paint store I missed a call from the RV place. They discovered that the problem was not with the plug.

I ran back to the RV shop and and pulled my umbilical cord out of the Jeep. I had no idea  it was called an umbilical cord. I just referred to it as the red curly cord.

716uftp1mXL._SX355_(This is a Roadmaster cord from Amazon, because mine is way too filthy to show in pictures. Also, it’s outside, and I’m not wearing shoes. And I’m lazy.)


I like my name better. It sounds less damp. Anyway, the tech plugged my red curly cord into the motorhome and no dice. He popped open the end of the cord and it turned out the ground wire was loose. He fixed the cord and a few minutes later I was on my way. Oh, and now I have a wiring diagram in case this ever happens again.

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