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RV Travel Journal

I was absolutely terrible about blogging while we were on the road. We were busy, I was lazy. There is really no good excuse (beer).  However…

I can go back through the entire trip across the country and back and know where we were each day. Every few days I would pull out my planner and add where we had spent the last few nights into the monthly layout. I also noted anything fun, exciting, or different that happened that day. Then I would go into the weekly layout with more room and fill in the details. I used my planner as a travel diary.


My planner


monthly layout with general travel info


detailed weekly layout


detailed weekly layout

Honestly, I think this is one of the most important things I did in the whole 6 months. I took thousands and thousands of pictures, but pictures won’t always help with dates and details. I love knowing that someday my grandkids or great grandkids can look through my planner and read about my trip.

And it doesn’t matter what planner you use. I started the trip with a Happy Planner, and when January came around, I just grabbed the one shown from Walmart in the office supply section. Some colored pencils, pretty pens, and stickers (mine are mostly from etsy) , and I was set!

Now if only I could be this consistent in my regular life!

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