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Home Sweet Home

♥♥We’re home!♥♥

Obviously I’ve skipped so many details of our trip, because time flies when you’re having fun (And I super suck at being timely), but I kept track of every single day, so I can go back and fill in the many, many blank spots.

We left Fort Wilderness in Orlando, Florida on 3/9 and arrived back in Bend, Oregon on 4/1. It was a rough drive. We were having a problem with the connection from the motorhome to the Jeep that we’ve narrowed down to a bad plug on the motorhome. We drove separately from Florida to Nevada. In Nevada I was finally able to wiggle the plug prongs enough to get lights and the auxiliary braking system in the Jeep working, and we stayed hooked up for the rest of the trip back.


We also had a lot of really terrible weather on the way home. We drove through near constant wind, which meant that whoever was driving the RV each day fought to keep it on the road. It also meant that the bent slide topper on the dinette slide didn’t like retracting. We had to toss paracord over it and tie it to the door handle while one person held the other end of the paracord tight and the other one retracted the slide.

It was so weird to finally arrive home. Blitzen had to be reintroduced to the rest of the cats. He hissed a bit, because they all wanted to smell his butt. By the next day he was back to being king of the house.

Our house is so huge! It’s just as crazy to go from a 24′ motorhome to a 3200 sq ft as it was to go from the big house to the tiny motorhome. For the first couple of nights I couldn’t sleep. I could fit my RV in my bedroom at least a couple of times. There was too much space between me and the wall. I didn’t have a tiny window by my face. It was oddly too dark, since RV’s always have those tiny indicator lights all over the place. The bed is so far from the bathroom rather than right at the end of it. It was exhausting!

It’s been a couple of weeks now, and we are settling in. We’ve started purging the house (OMG, it’s going to take forever!), and this is the summer of house maintenance. We need to have the outside painted, so we have an estimator coming later this week. Our asphalt driveway needs patching and sealing. We have a lovely stamped concrete patio that wraps around 3 sides of the house, and we need to pressure wash it and then reseal it. After 13.5 years we are finally going to make the front porch user friendly by adding cushions for the seating, side tables, and plants.

We will still make time for plenty of camping trips, and we are planning a couple of weeks in Colorado and Utah. We will eventually have to rejoin the world of employment, but we are hoping to delay until September. In the meantime we are narrowing down our needs for our next RV, because we plan to go full-time again in a couple of years – if we can wait that long!

PS: you wouldn’t believe how much stuff accumulated in the RV after 6 months of full-time living.

PPS: you also wouldn’t believe how much stuff we took out that we never used even once.

PPPS: just a couple of days of having the freshly cleaned RV stored away in the barn, we ended up with mice. I’ve been swearing a lot. I’ve even made up several new phrases that involve a certain ‘f’ word appearing randomly..

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