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4 Month Nomadiversary

We had a big moment this week.

We reached the Atlantic Ocean!


It seems like only yesterday we were sitting on a beach on the Oregon coast during a huge storm (still never need to be in a tornado warning again!), and now we on the other side of the country!

We celebrated by going to Waffle House for the first time. Have I ever mentioned how glad I am that I packed eleventy pairs of black legging for this trip? Because if I’d been wearing jeans, I would have broken them from shoveling so much breakfast into my face.

When we finally pulled off the road and walked down onto the sand at Ormond Beach, we were greeted with a herd pod of dolphins leaping out of the water just offshore. I’d like to think they were there to celebrate with us.

Today is our 4 month nomadiversary.

4 Month Nomadiversary!

That’s a pretty big deal I think. 17 weeks 4 days. We haven’t killed each other. We’ve survived freezing weather trapped in a 24′ 6″ box on wheels. We’ve sweltered with an AC that couldn’t handled 100+ degree temps. We’ve been happy, excited, homesick, angry, ecstatic. You name it, and we’ve felt it. We are past the halfway point of our journey, because we need to be back in Oregon by the end of May at the latest.

PS: We saw the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch today!

PPS: Tomorrow we’re going to Disney World!


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