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Two week update (good, bad, & ugly)

We’re about two weeks into our official full-time RV life. Sure, we had some extended trips over the summer, but this is different. And we’ve learned a lot.

The Good

  1. No murders: two adults and one cat have managed to go from a 3200 square foot house to a 24.5 foot long RV, and we are all still alive. We’re not even maimed. Mostly. The other day I moved wrong grab something off the kitchen counter, and I pulled a pectoral muscle. I didn’t know that was possible, but I did it.
  2. No snow: we missed the first snow in Bend. In fact we sweated through it, because it has been hot, hot, hot! I’m not even sleeping in flannel, and I do that all year long. It’s hard to wear reindeer jammies when the low is 70 degrees.
  3. We have seen so many amazing things! National Parks…museums…In N Out Burger! We have happy eyes and happy taste buds.
  4. We feel so young! I turned 48 a few weeks ago, but when you are in an RV park in the southwest, that makes one a young whippersnapper! It’s pretty awesome.

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The Bad

  1. I miss my family. I’m used to my kids being close enough for an easy drive. Rarely have we been gone more than  couple of weeks.
  2. I miss my cats. Fortunately my daughter indulges me in cat FaceTime sessions every few days. We only brought one cat, and Blitzen gets a chance to FaceTime his brothers. I think he need a kitten, but husbands are weird. Can you believe that mine thinks that a kitten would be a bad idea? How could he do that to Blitzen? Men….
  3. As mentioned in the good, we are in a 24.5 foot long RV. That means no extra space. We trip over each other all the time, and by we, I mean me. I spend half the day telling my husband to sit down and be out of the way. It’s not anything against him, it’s just that there is not enough space for both of us to stand, and I’m a stander. I need things to be in their place and clean, and it’s really, really hard for me not to be a dick about someone being in my way.

The Ugly

  1. No privacy. Ever. Marriage takes on a whole new level of intimacy with paper thin walls surrounding the toilet. I’d give my left arm to poop in private. Yay for noisy fans.
  2. Speaking of poop…we had our first black tank clog. I opened the valve and all I heard was a trickle. Fortunately a few sessions of dumping gallons of water through the toilet and using the tank flush system dislodged the pyramid of sh*t. You wouldn’t believe how much it sucks to play with a sewer hose in direct sun when it’s 90 degrees. It’s a lot of suck. A lot.
  3. RV door locks are #*@%$^$ stupid (I pulled up my phone keypad to make sure I had the right symbols based on the numbers based on the letters of the word I wanted to say). Back to those door locks that let you out but don’t let you back in…we went for a 20 minute campground walk, because exercise is important. It’s so important that we do it at least twice a month. We got back and couldn’t get in the door. We called CoachNet and they sent out a guy quickly, because it was getting hot (almost 90 degrees), an Blitzen was in the motorhome. We were expecting the worse, because we had to sign a waiver about damage. I wish I would have paid attention to his name, because after a few walks around the motorhome, he found an easy way to break into the motorhome with no damage. I’d tell you the way, but I don’t want you to break in and steal the one cat I managed to bring along.

Our current goal is to learn that we don’t have to rush everywhere. It’s hard, We want to see so much, but at the same time we know we need down days. We’ve been practicing and it hasn’t killed us yet. Close though. Really close. Tomorrow we move to a new place for 3 nights, and I’m pretty excited. We are on night 7 here and that is the longest we’ve ever stayed anywhere.

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