All Around The Campfire

It’s almost time!

5 days.

That is when we leave until next summer.

FIVE! That’s one hand of days. Not two hands or two hands and some toes. I’m not counting weeks on the calendar. Five days or 120 hours or  7200 minutes. It’s too much time and not enough time all at once.

I have lists everywhere…in the motorhome, in the house, on my phone, and in my head. The lists in my head are the worst, because everything on them will be something I forget. You know what I’m going to forget? Something important like underwear.

I spend half my day rushing back and forth to the motorhome putting in some things, taking out other things, reorganizing this and that. It should count as major exercise, but my activity tracker disagrees. Obviously activity trackers are lying bastards.

In the meantime my husband  surrounds himself with maps and his iPad to research places to go and things to see. And there is SO MUCH OUT THERE! We are both overwhelmed with choices. The only thing we know for sure is that we have reservations in Eugene this weekend, because our last fling before leaving is to go watch Washington State University kick some Oregon ass at Autzen Stadium! By Sunday night we will be somewhere in northern California.

I can’t believe it’s almost here!

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