All Around The Campfire

Weather Woes

We’ve had 3 days of rain, rain, and more rain. So much rain.

A couple of days ago during a brief stop in the rain, we decided to leash up the cat, hop in the Jeep, and take him to the beach for the first time. Some of the beaches in Oregon allow you to drive out on the sand, so we found  spot and sat in the Jeep watching a cargo ship pass. We ended up not taking Blitzen out on the sand, because it started down pouring again, and there was an off leash lab running around. We didn’t want to risk an unknown dog reacting badly to a cat, and we didn’t want Blitzen to tear the nose off a lab, because labs are cute.

On the short drive back to the campground we stopped at another parking area for a few minutes to look at the map. It was raining so hard I could barely see through the windshield with the wipers on so fast that the Jeep should have taken flight.


The husband’s phone was shrieking and buzzing. Blitzen was under the seat (he hates loud noises), I was scrambling to get ahold of the phone to make it stop, and the husband was trying to get into the passenger seat.

A tornado warning was flashing across the screen! I immediately go into panic mode and drove really fast back to the campground while the husband pulled up the weather radar.  We didn’t know what to do or think.



The radar showed the storm moving north of us toward the southwestern corner of Washington, so we hunkered down in the motorhome and constantly updated the weather radar. Perhaps that wasn’t the brightest decision, but this was our first tornado warning.

Since that scary moment, the weather has still been pretty awful, but it’s just never-ending rain rather than Wizard of Oz. It’s rained hard enough that I’ve been convinced several times that the vent covers are going to shatter. Last night it hailed, and Blitzen sat on the table staring up at the skylight trying to figure out what kind of squirrel was making that terrible noise above his head.


I know we will hit all kinds of weird weather in our travels, but hopefully that was the last tornado warning of our lives.

PS: Mother Nature wasn’t done with us. We hit snow on Santiam Pass on our way back to Bend.



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