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Eeek! A mouse!

We are one month until full-time launch date. One month. Thirty-one days. That’s the equivalent of 8000 years, but it’s also the same as 4 seconds. Maybe half a second, because that’s basically the same thing when you have 14 days of travel planned in that 30 days.  Don’t tell me it’s not.

In anticipation of living in something the size of a shoebox (going from a 3200 square foot house), I keep changing and rearranging the motorhome. Yesterday I went out there to put away a few things I had brought in the house to wash.


A MOUSE!!!!!

Ok, I didn’t find a mouse, but I found mouse poop. I found mouse poop in the drawers under the kitchen sink and stove. I keep my dishes and kitchen utensils in those drawers. A mouse pooped and peed on my plates. A mouse pooped and peed on my forks.

It’s totally my fault. I can admit that. The other day I was washing dishes, and Blitzen meowed at me. I looked over and noticed he could see a millimeter of the  bottom of his food bowl. Any cat owner will attest that if a cat can see any microscopic bit of the bottom of their bowl, the world is ending in a fiery blaze. Cats are not okay with a potentially empty bowl. I picked up the bowl, set out on the edge of the tiny counter, and poured in some food. Except I spilled a couple of bites into the open dish drawer. I told myself I’d pick them up later.

Guess what I didn’t do?

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be spending the next couple of days trapping mice, crying, cussing,  and bleaching all of the things. Tears and beers will be involved.


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