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Service Day

While we still have a few weeks before we go full-time, we just had our second experience of having to drop off our home in an unfamiliar town. We’ve had a check engine light on for a few hundred miles, and our local MB dealer doesn’t service sprinters. We scheduled the service visit at the end of a family trip for convenience. But what were supposed to do without our home? Here’s how the day went:

Dropped off the motorhome at 8:15 after making sure we had anything we’d need.

Went to The Original Pancake House for breakfast and stuffed ourselves with blueberry pancakes.

Sort of got lost and eventually ended up at the mall where we sat in the parking lot for half a hour waiting for it to open.

Became mall walkers.

Found a little coffee shop and downed some caffeine.

More mall walking (that is the most boring activity!).

Went to lunch at BJ’s Brewhouse less than 3 hours after the giant plate of pancakes. I regretted wearing pants of any sort, because now they were too tight.

Wandered through Barnes & Noble.

Drove around in circles way too many times, because Eugene is a very confusing city.

Decided to go back and hang out in the service waiting area. It was good timing, because they were just finishing up. It turns out we had a failed turbo sensor. The motorhome was so clean and shiny and happy, that it was a shame to drive her away and let bugs smack the windshield (which we could see through!!).

We left for Bend around 3pm thinking that would put us home by 5:30. Mother Nature had other plans. Just before Santiam Pass traffic was being turned back. A fire had started at Potato Hill and jumped the highway to Lost Lake. We turned around in an ODOT parking lot and my husband called his mom just before losing phone service to tell her that we were on our way. She and her husband had to run out and cut tree branches so we could get into their driveway. We stopped in town for some disappointment beer and then parked in their driveway. They have a little farm with horses, llamas, a flock of visiting turkeys, dogs, and cats. It was a very peaceful place to driveway camp if you didn’t count the rooster that started crowing at 3:30 in the morning.


The next day the pass was open but down to one lane being led by a pilot car. We  lucked out and only had a 15 minute wait. The fires in the area are terrible. There is so much smoke that we have to keep the house shut up and the air purifier running nonstop. I miss seeing the mountains. I miss being able to breathe.


One thought on “Service Day

  1. joyroses13

    So sad about the fires!
    Yum on the blueberry pancakes, next time wear leggings instead of pants, LOL! Then not too tight.
    OH my gosh about the rooster crowing at 3:30!! I bet you wanted to go give him a friendly pet. Eh? 🙂

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