All Around The Campfire

Diamond Lake Campground

Over the Fourth of July weekend we went to Diamond Lake campground for 5 nights – our longest dry camping trip to date.

We had a gorgeous site right on the lake, and our friends were a few sites down. It worked out great because we used our site for playing in the lake and their site for BBQ’ing and campfires so their dog couldn’t see the water (she lives to swim!).

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We arrived on Thursday afternoon and spent the rest of the day enjoying  the lake. Friday morning we drove all the way down to Chiloquin, and then we drove through Crater Lake National Park on the way back to Diamond Lake. It was the first time we had gone that way, and I wish we would have done it sooner! It was a gorgeous drive through valleys and mountains.

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Our friends arrived late Friday night (I saw them drive by while I was laying in bed watching the end of a movie). Saturday we started with a lake day, and then I realized that our fresh water tank was nearly empty and our propane was really low. Ugh…. I left my husband at the campsite, stopped to fill with fresh water and dump the tanks, and then went to get propane. It took forever! You know the whole “how many ____s does it take to change a light bulb?” We had that with the propane. There was an issue on their end, and the tank was filling so slowly that more and more guys came over to see what was happening. Finally another guy came over asked if they reset some switch and whoosh…propane finally!

We made another trip to Crater Lake, played in the lake a lot, went on quite a few walks including one to the pizza place just outside the south end of the campground. We even tried out the last two things that we’ve never used on the motorhome. I wanted to test the outdoor shower, so I plugged the hose in, got a face full of water, and had to call my husband over in a panic, because I could not release the hose or turn off the water! Oops! My friend showed me how to light my oven. I’ve been terrified of it, and have never used it. Not only did I learn to light it, but I used it on our next trip to cook a pizza.

There was only one huge con to the campground. Mosquitos. I have never seen so many mosquitos! When we were at the dump station before going home, there were enough of the little bastards to carry me away!

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