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Road Trip Finale

Because we were running low on time (had to be back in Bend Sunday night), we didn’t get to spend very much time in Montana this trip.

We drove into Billings around noon, set up the very first KOA, and then went to explore my  home town. It’s changed so much. It felt big and overwhelming, and I had to rely on my phone GPS, because the moved all the streets! I peeked at my old schools and houses.

The next morning we left on our 417 mile drive to St. Regis in the northwest corner of Montana nearly to the Idaho border, where we stayed at the Nugget RV Park. I wish we would have had more time in St Regis, because it looked like an awesome place to hang for a few days, but that time crunch to be back in Bend killed that idea.

The next stop was one that we were both really excited about, because we were going to Pullman, Washington, which is where we met in the dorms at Washington State University in January of 1988. We spent hours walking all over campus – up hills, down hills, past buildings we knew and buildings we didn’t. We found all the places we had lived. We had huge plans to stock up on Cougar Gear at The Bookie, but they were closed. So was Ferdinand’s so I didn’t even get my much promised milkshake! Exhausted from the hills an the heat, we found a sports bar for dinner, and then settled in to overnight at Walmart. The Pullman Walmart is up on a hill and we had great views of the town and the campus. We shopped for a few items we needed to pick up, and then went for a walk in the peaceful, shady cemetery across the street.

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As we headed home the next day I realized that I wasn’t ready to not be traveling, but at the same time, I was really excited about family, my bed, long showers, and my cats. I really missed my cats!

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