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Yoho and Banff NPs

We knew that British Columbia and Alberta have gorgeous national parks, but what put them on our must do list was finding out that Canada made all national parks free in celebration of the country’s 150th birthday.


National Parks!

Amazing Scenery!

No way were we skipping that! We jumped onto the Good Sam Trip Planner and rerouted our entire trip. Colorado has been pushed to September and Nebraska is put off until next summer. We were on a mission!

We left Sicamous and headed straight to Revelstoke National Park. And we failed. We didn’t realize that we could take either the motorhome or Jeep up into the park, but not both at the same time. The park gate attendant told us we might be able to turn around just up the road. I tried, but I couldn’t make it. We were stuck across the entire road. We jumped out of the motorhome and unhooked the Jeep in record time. Or maybe it was 18 hours, because that is what it felt like with cars lining up behind us because they couldn’t pass. The husband and I swore and yelled a lot, and we had to pound the pins out of the tow bars because we were on a hill and at an angle. Once we were unhooked he drove the Jeep and I drove the motorhome and we met up 20 minutes down the road after we cooled down. Talk about I bet Revelstoke was amazing.

After going through Glacier National Park, we made our way to Yoho National Park hoping to get a spot in Kicking Horse campground. We pulled up and the sign said one spot was left. What luck!! Kicking Horse is officially at the top of my most favorite, most beautiful campgrounds in the history of camping. We had site 89, and our views were of Mt Stephens soaring into the sky. There is a beautiful trail that starts at one end of the campground, crosses the Kicking Horse River, and comes back out at the other end of the campground. We walked that twice. The area used to be the campground for the men building the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Once of the old bake ovens in still in the middle of the campground, and there is another trail that takes you to the train tracks and an abandoned locomotive.

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We had a whirlwind day that started at Moraine Lake early in the morning. It was cold, cloudy, and perfectly still. The lake reflected all of that. Moraine Lake is one of those places you walk up to and wonder if you have ever seen anything so perfect and beautiful. Then we made our way to Lake Louise which never disappoints. It was still really early, so there weren’t crowds of people, and it was peaceful. Later, after we drove to Banff to wander and have breakfast, Lake Louise was inundated with people. It was still gorgeous, but there was so much more chaos.

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We also went into Kootenay National Park, but not as far as we had planned. Sometimes all you can think about is getting back to the campground to rest. We had definitely hit that point.

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Next: Jasper National Park.


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