All Around The Campfire

Jasper National Park

Wednesday morning we left Kicking Horse for our campground in Jasper via the Icefields Parkway. What an amazing drive! Not one part of that road is not stunningly beautiful. Do you know how hard it is to look everywhere at once? We saw a black bear having a meal just off the road, and we saw several bighorn sheep. We saw mountain goats. Unfortunately, we didn’t stop much on the way to Jasper, because it’s often hard to find a pull out where we can stop the motorhome and Jeep and not be in the way. That means my picture taking was limited to from the passenger seat window. That’s okay, because we planned to explore the next day.

We followed the signs for Wabasso campground and ended up on a terribly, narrow, pot-holed road. The 10 or 12 miles to the campground took forever! Eventually we arrived at Wabasso  and checked into site B24. Did you know that in the campground, they have a big pile of firewood and you just take what you need? We had our only fire of the trip at Wabasso. After we were set up, we made a quick trip into Jasper for necessities: parmesan cheese, beer, ice, and vodka. Priorties. We spent the rest of the day relaxing, walking the trail by the river, and dealing with some minor housekeeping.

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We were out the door super early the next morning. We drove back down the terrible, narrow, pot-holed road to Athabasca Falls. Only a few other people were out at that point, so we didn’t have any crowds in the way of the gorgeous view.

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After making several stops along the way, we arrived at the Icefields Center early enough to get parking in the second row. We went into the center and had breakfast, and then it was time for fun! We were signed up for the 10:00AM Glacier Skywalk and the 1:00PM trip up the Athabasca glacier. Somehow we ended up on the 10:00 glacier tour and were shuffled right onto a bus for the skywalk immediately after coming down from the glacier. It worked out perfectly!

The drive up the glacier in the ice truck thingy is a little disconcerting. It goes up and down hills that are so steep you feel there is no way you won’t go rolling away. It was so cool to actually be able to walk around on the glacier, and it was also really cold – 34 degrees! I felt pretty bad for the people that were up there in shorts.

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The Glacier Skywalk was so much fun! I was really nervous to go out on the glass walkway, because I’m scared of heights and get vertigo feelings when I look down from high places, but I didn’t feel any of that. I would definitely do it again and again.

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After all that we made our way back to Jasper, had a beer at a pub, and then wandered around the shops for awhile. By that time we were both pretty tired, so we went back to the campground for our fire and another campground walk. We knew we’d be heading out pretty early the next morning, and we were in bed before dark.

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