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Leavenworth, Oroville, Sicamous

We are currently on a 16 day trip to test our preparations for full time travel. Know what people make on this kind trip? Lists. We have things to fix, things to rework, things to add, and probably things to take out.

We left Bend, Oregon just before 5:00 AM last Friday for a 326 mile drive to Leavenworth, Washington, which is an adorable Bavarian town.  About 75 miles into the trip the DEF light went off in the motorhome, because that’s how life works. We stopped for gas just before the Columbia River and added DEF. It’s been awhile, so we made a mess. Yay, us!!

Then we crossed into Washington! A new state for the motorhome makes us so happy! We finally made it to Leavenworth, where we stayed at the Pine Village KOA. We did a quick set up and then went into town on a quest for beer and brats. We ended up at Uncle Uli’s Pub. They have the most amazing mustard!

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We were pretty wiped out, so we went back to the campground pretty early and went down the trail to the river with our cocktails. We were killing time until our son arrived from Seattle to hang with us for the night. He didn’t end up getting there until about 8:00 PM, but we managed some catch up time before we all crashed.

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Saturday morning we took advantage of the KOA having a pancake breakfast, because why would we not?? After that we went back into Leavenworth, because while our son had driven through it on his way in, he hadn’t stopped. We wandered through the cute little shops and played tourist. We ate giant pretzels (I don’t recommend that after pancakes if you don’t normally eat a lot of bread, because I think my stomach tried to flee  my body), and we listened to a yodeler. Seriously. I mean how often do you get to listen to a yodeler?

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Remember that mustard that I said was amazing? I ran back into Uncle Uli’s Pub, because I wanted to buy some to take with me. The bartender (who it turns out is one of the owner’s) recognized me from the day before, and asked where we were headed next. When she asked how long we had for vacation, I told her about us quitting our jobs to travel the country. She immediately called over her husband, and we had a nice chat about traveling, and TJ insisted on sending me on my way with his garden salsa too. How could I turn that down?

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We said our goodbyes to our son, and while he headed back to Seattle, we went north. We almost had our first Walmart overnight in Omak, Washington, but it was too hot. Way too hot. I used the AllStays app to find a place in Oroville just a few miles from the Canadian border. We got into our site and the guy in the next site came over and started freaking out about how if we plugged in we would shut down the whole campground and he was really suffering being able to only use one of his ACs and we were going to take that away. It was 102 degrees. We turned on our AC, everyone went down. I checked the forecast and it was supposed to drop to 65 in a few hours. We just ran our generator to power our AC for a few hours rather than have our neighbor (Busy Bobby is his new nickname) have to suffer. After all the poor man was reduced to one 17,000 BTU AC when he should have had 2 going. He will be martyred and sainted one day.

We pulled out early the next morning and hit the Canadian border before 8:00 AM. All of my reading said I needed passports, drivers licenses, and registration and insurance on both vehicles. The customs agent informed me that I way overdid it, but I think he was secretly impressed that I had it all together and knew exactly how many beers I had in my fridge (11). He warned us about a bike race, and we were off. Right into the bike race.

We drove and drove and drove, and then we drove some more. Bike races kind of hold up traffic a bit. I finally pulled up the AllStays app again and found Family Tree Riverside RV. We were home for the night. We ran into town for some groceries, but other than that we relaxed, walked to the river, and explored the playground equipment that was the kind we played on as kids. It was perfect.

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And then it was time for Canadian National Parks!

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