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How to store my clothes

People worry about many things when planning to live and travel full time in an RV. What kind of RV is best? Should I tow a car? Where should I go? What should I see? What happens I break my leg? While these are of concern to me, they’re not the biggest worries. That is saved for one thing.


We’ve decided to carry about two weeks worth of clothing with plans to do laundry every 10 to 14 days.  It sounds reasonable on paper, but it doesn’t feel reasonable in my head. I really like clothes. I like them lot. I’m not one of those people that keeps camping clothes in the motorhome, because I can’t stand the thought of limited myself to the same few things every trip.

My general list for myself is: 16 to 18 pairs of underwear, 7 or 8 bras, 14ish pairs of socks in assorted styles (ankle, warm, knee highs covered in cats and sloths. And that’s where my list ends. I told myself only 7 pairs of shoes, but I adore shoes, so I’ll be hard pressed to pick less than 10 pairs. I think choosing pants and shorts will be pretty easy, and I won’t have a problem choosing a couple of skirts, and a couple of swimsuits. It’s the tops that are going to kill me! Obviously I need to choose things that layer well, but how many does that mean? Right now it means at least five dozen four dozen, which is a ridiculous number. I know. And I’m currently trying to wear anything on my list to make sure it fits and I want to take it. I need to drop that number a lot, but it’s hard (yes, I’m whining).

You know on those RV shows how people walk into a 38 foot rig with a closet that stretches all the way across the bedroom and they complain that it’s not big enough? They make me roll my eyes so far up into my head that I’m afraid they’ll get stuck, and I’ll spend the rest of my life looking at the back of my skull. We have so little clothing storage space in the motorhome. Like barely any at all. Let me show you.


Husband’s closet. The white drawers will be for his shirts and the black drawers will be for underwear and socks. The two black bins up top will hold our hoodies and jackets.


Husband gets this drawer for his pants and shorts. It’s roughly 18″x18″x6 inches.


This closet is about 10 inches wide. Shoes will go in the shoe holder on the right, and we can hang a few items on the left (The laundry basket will travel elsewhere).


This basically my closet. Undergarments and swimsuits on the left, and my tops on the right. Or something like that, since I haven’t figured out what will work best yet. (Not pictured is the extra hooks and bungees holding the hanging baskets in place more firmly)


This drawer is for my pants and shorts – all of them. It’s 18″x6″x6″. I think it will be okay since I will be mostly in shorts, leggings, or running tights.

Can you even believe how ridiculously small this is? One thing I have going for me is that I’ve learned to pack well. With a lot of rolling and careful folding, I should have enough room. I hope. Fortunately we will carry a couple of carryon suitcases in the back of the Jeep with a few pieces of off season clothing. I might sneak in some more shoes too, but mums the word!




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