All Around The Campfire

Sheep Bridge Campground

Last Friday was my last day of work before we do the final preparations for our full time RV adventure. To celebrate we went camping with friends, because how else would we celebrate?

At the last minute, I tossed the pop up canopy into the motorhome, and I am so glad I did that, because it rained, and it rained, and it snowed, and it rained. After that it rained some more, and then it rained again. Thankfully, we had plenty of beer and vodka and warm clothes.

Sheep Bridge is one of those campground that is rarely full except on the busiest of weekends. Only a few of the sites were occupied while we were there.  It sits along the river between Crane Prairie and Wickiup Reservoirs. The water was high this time, but we’ve also camped there when the river was barely more than a creek. Normally when we go there, we take kayaks or floaties play in the water. The only one brave enough to go near the water on this cold trip was our friends’ dog. Since we couldn’t play in the water, we took a couple of long walks through the campground, along the lake shore, through the free camping area, and back up to the main road.

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I forgot to take our Atlas and travel guides, which put me back on planning our first long adventure before we officially go full time, How we ended up with not a single atlas in the motorhome is a complete mystery, because I love maps!

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