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Spring Campground – Crescent Lake

To start our temporary retirement and to give me time to try to move beyond the panic phase, we spent a few nights at Spring Campground. It immediately became one of my favorites! I’d never heard of it until recently when a friend from a Facebook group mentioned that she would be camp hosting.

The campground was gorgeous! It was mostly empty while we were there, and the sites are so spacious, that even if it were more crowded, it would have still felt pretty private. We were in site 25, and had a nice view of Crescent Lake even though we were a row up from lakeside. We took several walks around the campground and picked out lots of future sites, because we hope to make it back up there this summer.

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One of the things we did a ton of on this trip was catch up on sleep. The last couple of weeks have been overwhelming and stressful. Saturday night I was asleep before 8pm! I can’t remember the last time that happened. We also gave a good workout to the new batteries we installed after the last trip. We used all the down time to plan a 3 week, almost 4,000 mile trip to the Badlands. July is going to be a busy, busy month with only 2 or 3 nights at home.

The only real downside of the trip is that it hasn’t been hot enough to kill off the bazillions of mosquitos. They don’t like me, so I only got one bite on my thumb, but my poor husband donated at least half his blood to the mosquito cause. Anytime we opened the motorhome door, a bunch of them would fly in, and then we’d have to leap around with towels trying to smack them all. I added a flyswatter to my list of must-buys.

We would have liked to stay longer, but I still have a few more days of work until the official end date.


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