All Around The Campfire

South Twin Lake

South Twin Lake was a weird trip.

I was so excited to finally have nice weather. I skipped out of work early, hit the grocery store for goodies, and rushed home to get ready for camping. I knew we’d be dry camping, so I filled the water tank while I put away the groceries and packed clothes. Once we were finally on the road, I just needed quick stop for diesel and firewood. My daughter was following in her truck. I lost her after the gas station, because a guy pulled his 5th wheel behind her and she couldn’t back out until he moved. I figured she’d catch up long before I left the highway, and I kept watch in my side mirror. It turns out that on that particular day, approximately 85% of people in Central Oregon were driving black Tacomas. Every time I thought she was behind me, it was someone else. Eventually she caught up and I could breathe again.

When we got to South Twin Lake, we drove through the campground, scouted out some spots, and then drove through West South Twin just in case there was a better spot on that side. There wasn’t. We finally (after 3 laps!) settled on site #2 at South Twin. It took a bit of maneuvering back and forth, but I was finally able to get the motorhome level without leveling blocks. We put out the slides, set Blitzen the cat free from the crate, and got ourselves organized. We wanted to walk down to the lodge area, because we had guacamole but no chips. Obviously we had crisis on our hands.

All of a sudden the low battery shriek of the propane detector started going off. I checked my battery levels. Damn. They were almost dead less than an hour after we parked. I fired up the generator and we walked down to get our chips. It had to be a fluke, right?

Nope. We spend the evening running the generator every hour or so for 30 minutes. Neither of us were up for the drive home, especially after I’d paid for the site and it was non-refundable. We had a nice fire, cooked some hot dogs, and took some pictures of Blitzen.

When we finally went inside for the night, we turned on the generator one more time, did everything possible involving power, and then we shut down the whole shebang. Generator off, battery disconnect flipped to off, we had nothing. My daughter had movies her iPad, so we laid on my bed in the dark watching movies. It was weird having no power of any sort. Normally there are a few little lights on at all times like the fridge power button, the smoke detector, etc. We had nothing.

The next morning we went to the lodge restaurant for breakfast by the lake. After that, we flipped the battery disconnect again and K took me to the back side of Wickiup Reservoir to show me all the free camping areas where I would never be able to get the motorhome. We only got lost once!

And then we gave up. I didn’t know if my propane would hold out for two more days of running the generator so much, so I let my husband know that he shouldn’t bother coming out, and we went home.

I have two new batteries sitting in my barn. They get installed tomorrow.

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