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Weather Woes

Anyone living in the Pacific Northwest can tell you that we are tired of being cold. So, so tired…

I check the weather at least 20 times today, because I just knew the app would be fixed that snow forecast for Saturday was going to be changed to 80 degrees, sunny, and amazing. As of my last check a few minutes ago, the snow is thankfully gone. It’s still supposed to drop below freezing, but I don’t have to drag out my snow shovel. I hope.


This is lame!

So I’m busy doing what any RVer in my situation would do:

  1. I’m vacation planning for July. It’s killing me to have left it this late, by the way. I already have December’s vacation planned (Kauai!), yet I can’t commit to July. Actually, that’s not true. I’ve committed and found open campsites, but my husband hasn’t committed, and if my 16 year old decides he wants to go, then we might pick somewhere different. I’m giving him a few days to decide, because I am the nicest mom ever.
  2. I’ve drooled over maps, looked up future travel places on Pinterest, and complained about the weather almost everyday except for those two awesome warm days last week.
  3. I’ve been rearranging the motorhome. Again. With my goal of organizing such a tiny space in a way that is feasible for full-time travel, I’m constantly rethinking things. Yesterday I removed a whole bunch of food storage containers, because who really needs 2 dozen different containers for two people?
  4. I’m reseasoning cast iron. After our very, very, very wet trip to Silver Falls State Park, I didn’t rush to clean out the outside storage compartments. It turns out a griddle, frying pan, and 3 pie irons were sitting in wet boxes. Please take a moment to recover your wits if needed. I’ve fixed the griddle and the frying pan, and I’ll get to the pie irons this weekend.


I really hope summer comes to the PNW someday.

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