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Quick plumbing repair

After the water leak and slider topper failure on our most recent trip, I started calling local RV dealerships and service centers for a repair appointment, but I wasn’t having any luck finding anything earlier than May 9th. We have a couple of trips planned before that, and all I could think about was how much I was going to hate cold showers. Or more accurately how much I was going to stink, because I don’t think I could force myself into a cold shower with Oregon’s endless winter this year.

We fixed our leaky valve!.jpg

Some RVers are super handy and can rebuild a 1972 camper that spent the last 20 years buried in a swamp. They flex their fingers, grab a beer, and put that camper back together with a couple of paperclips, some duct tape, and some spit. Unfortunately, we are not that type of people. If we have an issue and I can’t find an immediate solution on google or youtube, we hire the duct tape and spit guys.


Cheap, plastic, leaky valve

On a whim I showed the leaky valve to my son. He used to work for a restoration company, and he’s quite handy. He got that from his grandpas. since handiness totally skipped a generation. He took one look, declared it was an easy fix, and the next day he showed up with new piping, a new valve, and some clampy thingies.

I pulled the motorhome out of the barn and made sure the water tank was drained. I didn’t think about running the taps to make sure the pipes didn’t have pressure, so my son got a face full of water when he cut the pipes. Oops! He cut out the failed valve and surrounding pipe, and then he replace it all with new pipes and a much higher quality valve.


fancy valve (you can tell it’s awesome, because it has a picture of a shark)

Success! I have hot water!

Next up is replacing the slide topper. It’s retracting now, but it isn’t right and it has a small tear that will likely get worse if we have a sudden wind. They aren’t very expensive, so when ours fails, we will try replacing it ourselves. And by that I mean I will call my son and let him help. In the meantime I have a service appointment to cancel and some trips to plan!

One thought on “Quick plumbing repair

  1. Teresa

    Thank goodness for handy young men who aren’t deterred by a little water in the face 🙂

    Good read. Anyone who can get me to read about RV plumbing repair *and* enjoy it (the reading – not the repair) deserves much respect.

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