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Prineville Reservoir State Park


Finally, finally, finally! Last weekend we took the first trip of the season, because winter is finally almost over (I say almost, because we have a chance of snow in a couple of days). Because we wanted full hookups for the first trip, I made reservations at Prineville Reservoir State Park. It turned out to be a great choice! It’s a beautiful campground, and I can’t believe we haven’t stayed there before this trip.

I’m getting ahead of myself. I rushed home from work that Friday, pulled the motorhome out of the barn, fed the cats, straightened the house, threw clothes for my husband and myself into a bag, grabbed my daughter’s clothes and blanket that she had left by the door, caught Blitzen the camping cat and locked him in his crate, loaded everything in, and then finally pulled out of the driveway. I stopped before even leaving the neighborhood, because I forgot to lock the outside storage hatches, left my water bottle too far away to reach, and couldn’t find my sunglasses.

The plan was to meet my daughter in Prineville at Ray’s grocery store, so we could stock up for the weekend. I ended up getting there around 5pm just as she was leaving work 30 minutes away, so I did what I could to organize the clothes that I had tossed on the bed. By organize I mean that I shoved them in the closet in no discernible order. Then I played Emoji Blitz on my phone while tapping my foot anxiously until she showed up. We made great time in the grocery store, and only impulse bought half a cartful of stuff that we didn’t need but we needed.

The campground is 14 miles outside of Prineville. It was a easy drive, although the road was pretty twisty and turny the last couple of miles. We had site C07. While it wasn’t a lakeside site, we still had great views of the water. The site wasn’t level front to back, but it wasn’t too awful. I had to pull up on 2 layers of lynx levelers. We got all set up, took a quick walk around the campground, and then did the unthinkable. Instead of a campfire, we put on our pjs and watched movies. We’d both had long, crazy weeks at work, and outside time seemed like too much effort. Pineapple cider, beer, Vacation, and We’re the Millers were just the things needed to relax.

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The next morning I fired up the water heater, and that’s when the bad thing happened. After my shower I noticed water on the floor outside the bathroom. I sopped it up, but it was back after my daughter showered. I pulled off the access panel and water sprayed me right in the face. The valve that allows the hot water to go through the water lines has a leak. Yay. I shut off the valve, so the leak stopped, but with the valve closed we were out of luck for hot water. I sad-faced about that a lot, but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my weekend. At least we had coffee and breakfast burritos! Unfortunately the campground showers weren’t open for the season yet, so we didn’t get to use them.

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We explored a bit until my daughter had to head home. My husband passed her on his way to the campground, and my son and his family were right behind him. They didn’t camp with us, but they wanted to come out for the afternoon. I loved watching my 1.5 year old grandson trying his first s’more! The rest of the weekend was relaxing.

Remember my meal plan? Totally failed at that one. You know what works great when you want to make stew over the campfire? Remembering to put the dutch oven back in the motorhome. Arghhhh….I was so annoyed at myself! Thank goodness I had a few easy frozen meals from Trader Joe’s stashed away. Next time I’ll be more prepared.

Monday morning we had our second crisis of the trip. The slide topper over the dinette slide wouldn’t retract all the way. I drove home thinking that it would be in shreds, but it’s fine. Of course, now that we are home, it also retracts. I will be making a service appointment asap.

We will definitely go back to Prineville Reservoir State Park!

I almost forgot about Blitzen! Blitzen loved it as much as we did, and he is still pouting about being home. Do you know how awful it is to have a pouting cat? I put a covered litter box on the list this year, so I no longer have to worry about something falling off the overhead bunk and landing with litter. I also brought lightweight litter to keep the weight down. Blitzen’s favorite part about camping is being outside watching everything. His second favorite part is purring. It’s so hard to sleep with him, because he is so happy to camp that he just wants to lay on people’s faces and purr. It’s a good think he’s so cute!

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