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The RV Bed

If the RV’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin,! The RV bed is where all the magic happens!

And by magic I mean that is where I settle in to snuggle Blitzen The Camping Cat, watch The Great Outdoors on repeat, and drink a nighttime cocktail. In order to have an almost walk around queen bed in a 24′ motorhome, we had to settle for an odd arrangement. Our mattress consists of two pieces, and the back piece (or the head of the bed) slides up over the front piece (foot of the bed) during travel.


The rear slide bed

Having a split at hip level wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, and thanks to putting a quilt under the sheets, I didn’t really feel it. Unfortunately the mattress is about as soft as a rock. A little research showed me that I could put 2 inches of memory foam down and still pull in the rear slide without taking off all the bedding. What a huge difference!

Once we achieved comfort, I had to figure out a way to make the bed that didn’t involve me becoming a contortionist or learning to hover, because making that bed is no easy task. It involved a lot of cursing, sweating, and desperation for alcohol. I gave into temptation, grabbed a beer, and set about conquering the hell bed. I’ve made a handy dandy guide for future reference.


Step 1: put out the slide but keep a hand on the mattress to keep it from following the slide


Step 2: put the mattress pad on the head of the bed and allow the extra to dangle


Step 3: add a fitted sheet and then the top sheet


Step 4: I mostly camp in the mountains, so I need a layer of flannel


Step 5: put on the comforter (I found this one at Target last year)


Step 6: push the top of the mattress back to fit the slide


Step 7: finish putting the sheets on the foot of of the bed


Step 8: Tuck in the fleece blanket if you don’t live in Florida


Step 9: add all more fleece and all the fun pillows you bought over the endless winter (also, see those valances? We use those as night stands for phones, glasses, chapstick, etc)


Step 10: grab another beer and admire your pillows again


This is how the bed looks with the slide in for travel

I know it looks like a lot of work, but it only takes a couple of more minutes than making up my bed at home which is free of obstacles and has lots of clearance all the way around. I fix the covers every morning when we get up, and it stays pretty tidy. One of my favorite things is when we camp somewhere warm enough to open the windows on either side of the bed. We get an amazing cross breeze while we listen to the night sounds.

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