All Around The Campfire

Desperate times

Last week I took the motorhome in to be dewinterized. (I really need to learn to do this myself!) In honor of that most happiest day of the year, Mother Nature decided to be a big b&t%h and give us snow. I guess she thought that the endless winter wasn’t endless enough.

On Sunday in utter desperation we grabbed a couple of beers and our camping cat, ran through the snow to the barn, and jumped in the motorhome. We have a 50amp hookup in the barn, so we keep the motorhome plugged in most of the time. We fired up the heat pump and set it to blistering, opened our beer, reassured Blitzen that he is the very best camping cat on the planet (he need the validation), and settled in to explore. Except for my weekly mouse check, we haven’t spent time in there since October (insert huge sad face here!).

We looked in cabinets, opened drawers, and checked various nooks and crannies. We made a list of things that we need to fix, adjust, or replace. We talked about things to take out. Can you believe I have 5 pairs of tongs in the kitchen drawer? I only have 2 pairs of tongs in the house! Crazy, right?

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We did find one disaster. I left the liquor in the liquor storage area, because it will survive super cold weather, so everything would be fine. Except that I missed taking in a bottle of Bloody Mary mix. It froze and shattered. Oops!


After most of the Bloody Mary mix explosion was cleaned up

But mostly? Mostly we dreamed of our full time future? Can we (and Blitzen) survive a year in approximately 160 square feet? Should we replace the microwave with a convection oven/microwave? What can we dump? How can we add storage? Should we upgrade to that 33 foot diesel pusher we’ve been eyeing for a couple of years? Do I really need all those tongs?


Can you even believe the cuteness of Blitzen’s  footprints on the memory foam mattress?

Fortunately, or unfortunately, we have time still, since we still have a kid in school. No matter how many ways we offer to homeschool on the road, he is not going for it. In the meantime I’m working on downsizing. Monday I went through my shoes and found piles and piles to donate. I’m down to 50 pairs. Yes, I still need them all. Probably.


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