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Belknap Hot Springs

Our last trip of 2016 was to Belknap Hot Springs, which is about 80 miles from my house. I picked my husband up at work on a rainy October Saturday afternoon and we headed out. There was very little traffic, and we made good time, so we were at the campground long before dark. One really nice thing about having a 24′ motorhome is that I was able to just pull into a regular parking spot, so I could go into the lodge to check in and find out our site number.

Because the sites in our area seemed a bit tight and awkward, I tried to back into my site as far as possible knowing that our friends would need to maneuver their trailer into the next site. Once I was backed in we grabbed a couple of beers and started our setup. The site (#26) was really tight with little space between trees, and we couldn’t extend the awning – a little unfortunate with all the rain that was predicted for the weekend. We had time for a quick walk to check out the river.

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Our friends arrived a short time later, and I watched in awe as they put their trailer into their site. I have no faith in my skills to back up anything attached to my car. None. They are now experts.

The number one reason we are considering adding satellite to the motorhome is football season. We are huge Washington State University fans, and since we live in Oregon, when the Cougars play the Ducks, it’s a big, big deal for us. Big. Really, really big. We put up the antenna to get the game and nothing. We couldn’t get a signal to save our lives. We did what any sensible football fan would do and all piled into our friends’ truck and drove to the nearest bar about 15 miles away. It was totally worth it since the Cougars kicked ass!

The next day was gloomy and drizzly, but we took advantage of the two big draws at the resort. We put on our swimsuits and relaxed in one of the nice, hot pools, and we spent hours walking the grounds. The pool was a such a welcome place to get warm. We spiked our coffee and put it in travel mugs, which also helped take some chill off. The grounds were amazing! Even though it was October, there were still flowers in bloom. I had intended to go back this spring, so I could see everything blooming, but I didn’t make reservations. I should see if I can still make that work.

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We knew it was going to be a chilly weekend, so I put everything for chili in my crockpot and let it simmer all afternoon. Shannon made cornbread to go along, since she is brave enough to use her oven. We are getting ready for season 4 in the motorhome, and I still haven’t lit the oven. My brain can’t wrap itself around sticking lighter in a box full of gas.

I would definitely go back. I would try for a river site, and if not I would want one of the sites along the Celebration Lawn, because they look to be more spacious. The pools were wonderful, and the restrooms, showers, and locker rooms were all clean and maintained. There is a small store on site along with patio grill and outdoor eating area along the river in season. The grill was open while we were there, but we didn’t take advantage of it. They have cabins for rent and several walk-in tent sites that are absolutely beautiful.

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