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LaPine State Park

We stay at LaPine State Park two or three times per year. The middle and south loops have plenty of large sites with full hookups, and the loops surround large, grassy areas. The north loop has sites with electric and water, and it’s a little more woodsy.  The south loop also has quite a few cabins available. The full hookup sites are large and level while the north loop has a mix of sizes and level. LaPine State Park also has an amphitheater area for  programs and a small park store that is open during the peak season. Firewood is readily available. The restrooms are nice and and well-maintained. One of my favorite features is the trail along the Deschutes River. No matter where you stay in the campground, the trail is easily accessible. There are other hiking trails scattered all through the park.

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On my last trip to LaPine State Park, I hooked up the Jeep, and my daughter and I headed down on a Friday afternoon. It’s just over a 30 minute drive from my house, which I love! We had one little crisis trying to unhook the Jeep, because we made the mistake of not stopping at the dump station to take advantage of it being totally level. Instead we stopped just inside the south loop on a slight, slight slope. It took awhile too get one of the pins to release. I dropped a lot of F bombs under my breath, but we managed. Lesson learned I swear!

We finally got into our site, set everything up, grabbed beer, and then fastened Blitzen into his harness to walk down to the river. Just as we reached the main trail, I was stung by a violent bee. That F word wasn’t under my breath at all. I think I scared the people coming around the corner, but I was in pain, and I will never see them again. Probably. We went straight back to the motorhome. I sent a friend a picture of my owie, and she told me to put toothpaste on it. I did, and it actually mostly worked. My daughter used a dishtowel to tie an ice pack to my arm.  But beer was the best medicine. That’s what beer does. It heals.

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LaPine State Park is just a few miles from Sunriver, so Saturday we went to Sunriver Brewing Company hoping that they would be showing the WSU football game. They weren’t, but they had great wifi, so the daughter and I propped by phone against my purse and watched a big chunk of the game over lunch and a flight.


My daughter left to head home Saturday afternoon and my husband arrived a short time later much to Blitzen’s delight. He is a total daddy’s cat. The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. We had a couple of campfires, listened to the Seahawks game, played Crazy 8’s, and worked on a model. Really, I didn’t work on the model. I pretended to paint a wing for 4 seconds, but models aren’t my thing, so I buried my nose in a book.

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