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Spring Fever

I know spring doesn’t technically start March 20, which is a long, long, long 35 days away. I know, because I have a countdown on my phone. Anyway, spring fever. I have it. I have it bad. I would sell my soul for this winter to finally be over.

The way my husband and I survive winter is to take a tropical trip. We just returned from a week in Cancun. After a week of being pleasantly warm and sweaty, the plane doors opened late last night and winter hit me right in face again. Also my feet because I decided to fly home in sandals even though I knew it would make me want to cry. The pina coladas convinced me it would be okay. Don’t ever trust pina coladas. Ever.

I was extra smart this year and planned our vacation return so that we would still have a day off to recover. Thanks to the 3 hour time change I was up at 4:30 (yay for 3 hours of sleep!), and I got all the post-vacation chores out of the way super early…mountains of laundry, cleaned the garage, picked up after the kids that stayed home and did kid cleaning rather than mom cleaning, and did pinky swears with all the cats that I wouldn’t leave them again for ages.

The clock said it was not even noon, so I did what anyone would do in that situation…my taxes. Just kidding! I pulled out my calendar to check my summer schedule.  I have a goal of 60 nights of camping this year, and I thought I had reserved at least half of those. Nope. Somehow I counted days rather than nights and I was at 23 nights and 29 days. So I booked a long weekend and started researching another one.

I have no idea how other people keep track of their trips, but I start by circling start and end dates with a connecting line in my planner. I add initials of each campground just so I know where I’m going at a quick glance.


After that I put it in my monthly view with the full campground name and site number. When I get closer to the trips, I’ll put them on the weekly schedule and add lists for things that I need to take, to buy, and to absolutely not forget.

All I can see when I look at my calendar is that I have a lot of room for more trips! March, April, and May are wide open, and look at all that space in July! I have an appointment to have the motorhome dewinterized and March 3rd, and then, weather-permitting, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

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