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If You Can’t Camp, Shop

My poor motorhome is still snowed in. Today for the first time since November I opened the shop doors and started the engine to let it run for awhile. Normally in the winter we take it out for a drive every couple of weeks weather permitting, but since this is worst winter in the history of people who hate winter (yes, I made up that statistic), we haven’t done that.

If I can’t drive it, I may as well shop for it, right?

I have this terrible habit when I go to Costco. If I don’t make a beeline right to the food, I will come out of that store with hundreds of dollars of random things that I never knew how desperately I needed. A couple of weeks ago I was so proud of myself for rushing straight to the meat department until I rounded a corner and came face to face wth a huge display of InstaCrates.  (They were way cheaper at Costco than on that Amazon link.) And I was done. Two of those ended up in my cart before I regained my senses somewhere in the spice aisle. By that time I didn’t want to fight the crowds to put them back. Ok, really I just didn’t want to put them back at all, because I needed them for something. I still don’t know what that something is, but I’m thinking that they will be perfect for firewood or other loose items in my outside storage bins. (Yes, I know about pine beetles and other tree killers, and I buy firewood locally to use locally.)

Around the time of the Costco incident, Etsy sent me an email recommending I download their app for easier browsing. Did you know that it is so easy to link your debit card to Etsy? Two minutes later I’d placed an order for 2 fun pillow covers and a sign. I found them at LibertyByDesign’s shop.


A few days later my daughter and I decided that we were so tired of only leaving the snowbound house for work and groceries that we should go out and wander for a bit. She wanted to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods which is conveniently located near Hobby Lobby. Normally she is good about keeping me out of there, but she was on a high from finding the perfect coffee cup and let her guard down. I found two more signs. I swear I wasn’t gong to buy a thing, but those signs wanted to live with me. It’s a curse.

Oh well, when spring finally rolls around the motorhome is going to look awesome!

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