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The Future (part deux)

As a planner I know that I would never be able to spend a year on the road just willy nilly. I need to have a general plan. Ok, so really I need everything mapped out in GPS, backed up on my computer, printed out just in case the world goes black, and marked in at atlas with color-coded sticky notes. This is something about me that my husband claims drives him up a wall. I know he’s lying, right? I really am working on being more spontaneous, but in the meantime I’m busy planning for a full-time future.

  1. Hang the wall map: last year I ordered a 4’x3′ dry erase United States map similar to this. I need to drop it off at a frame shop for a simple mounting, and then it will hang in my entry way (foyer if you’re fancy!). We can use it to circle must-sees, want-to-sees, and if-you-really-loved-me-you’d-go sees. Color-coded, of course. The husband is on board with this bit of planning.
  2. Measure once, buy 14 different storage products: RV cupboards are completely ridiculous! The ones over the dinette are too high, hard to reach, and so dark that I can’t see what’s in there. The 2nd wardrobe is 8 inches wide and nearly 2 feet deep, and it’s in a corner. The cabinet under the kitchen sink is full of pipes, as is the cabinet under the bathroom sink, but that one is also in a narrow hall. Storage organization is my arch nemesis that will be conquered. Someday. After I try a few more bins and baskets, and after I rearrange everything several times. I have a list of cupboard measurements saved in my phone just in case I find a to die for basket. fullsizeoutput_e90
  3. The kitchen. OMG, the kitchen: tiny fridge, tiny freezer, very little cupboard space, and maybe 6 square inches of counter space. Add in an overwhelming need to be able to feed an army, and I’m screwed! Cue big time meal-planning. It’s on my list of things to work on this upcoming camping season. I need the practice. I also need to go through kitchen tools/appliances and figure out what I can’t live without. I like cast iron, but I don’t like using the pieces I use over the fire inside. I’ve decided that inside I will have my beloved red 3qt enameled cast iron dutch oven, and I will find a matching skillet, along with a griddle that fits over two burners. I will take a regular cast iron dutch oven and skillet for outside cooking. My Instant Pot will definitely be making the trip. I can easily cut down my flatware and dishes. The NutriBullet from the house will have to come along. Coffee. This is one I will have to debate in my head for awhile. I use a french press, but it is a huge pain to clean. I like the idea of a coffee maker, but I don’t know if I will always have an electric hookup and I don’t want to run the generator just for coffee. I’m thinking about a coffee dripper and a tea kettle to heat the water on the stove.
  4. The overhead bunk: should it stay or should it go? We don’t really need an extra bed unless we have an argument over my plans, and that’s why we have the dinette or the hard ground outside. The overhead mattress is something we can take out and store at home while we are gone. Then we could put down some rubber shelf liner, add a few storage bins held place for travel by bungee cords, and we would seriously double our storage.  It would be a great place for stuff not needed daily like out of season clothing, extra bedding, some of my shoes, etc.
  5. The bathroom: something will just have to be done about the teeny tiny bathroom. I think I will take the useless towel rack off the door and replace it with a few hooks. A pressure rod would be nice in the shower for hanging clothes that can’t be dried. The space is just so tiny. I think I will have to make mock ups of ideas and see how they feel.
  6. Miscellaneous: for weekend travel, we have a spot for the litter box, but it won’t work for extended travel. I think I could put a litter box in a bigger box and put it front of the passenger seat when we are stationary and in the shower while we are in transit. I would like to change up the battery bank and add solar along with an inverter.  We want to get a satellite dish. Maybe upgrade to a 40′ DP. Kidding! Maybe. Mostly. I will just keep reminding  myself that being 24’6″ long means we fit in a lot more spots. As long as I have room for beer, I can survive tight quarters. I think.

That is what is currently floating around in my head. I’ve decided that a good way to organize myself and my ideas would be to get a planning binder or two (or six!). I could use dividers for categories like bedroom, bathroom, outside storage, etc. I think I’d like a second binder for the travel itself. I also want to put all the RV manuals into a binder. Great. Now I need all the binders, and I need a place to store them, so I’m back to the RV  upgrade.

Still kidding!



(Part 1 of the future)


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