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Time Flies!

I can’t even believe that it is already 2017! Yesterday I finally took down all the Christmas decorations. Well, mostly all. It’s way to cold get the outside lights, and they’re just so pretty in the endless rounds of snow we’ve been having. Maybe in February. And remind me to have a nice cocktail first, because taking down the lights usually involves a bit of whining about how many staples I had to use to stick the lights to the house. (It’s a lot, and this is your warning to invest in a staple company before next October when I stock up.)


“4 letter words, sad face, tall middle fingers, and I think I might have growled when this alert came through”

Since I’ve now had 44 inches of snow at my house this season, and we are expecting another 6 to 10 inches in the next day or so, the snow mound outside our barn means we won’t be able to get the motorhome out for forever. Instead I’m looking back on 2016.

GROSSEST/FUNNIEST MOMENT: I will never forget that time in May when we realized that we (me) didn’t fully shut the black tank valve on a prior trip. Fortunately we (me) didn’t get a full on poop assault, because the valve was only open a tiny bit, but my husband’s gagging noises when I pointed out a piece of carrot? Funniest thing in ages!

MOST SCENIC TRIP: Yellowstone and Grand Tetons hands down. They are stunning parks, and no matter where you look, you are surrounded by beauty and mystery.

BIGGEST CRISIS: On day one of our vacation, a check engine light came on, and we thought our trip was doomed. Fortunately, Mercedes of Boise came to the rescue and had us back on our way the next day. While they had the motorhome, we spent a day driving around Boise while the teenagers (and an overgrown kid) chased Pokemon.

BEST PURCHASE: Has to be the tow bar purchase for the Jeep. We haven’t really towed it a lot, since we are mostly weekenders, but I think it will get used more and more every year. There were lots of smaller purchases too like new bedding, new dishes, extra leveling blocks, and storage totes amongst others, but none of those make me as happy as being able to tow the Jeep.

WHAT’S IN STORE FOR 2017? (I’ve touched on this a bit already, but…)

  • I really need to do an overhaul of the basement storage. I carry too much stuff that we don’t use, and the fishing poles (that we don’t use, but aren’t allowed to leave at home) need a different method of hanging.
  • I’m working on a better system for meal planning. I bring along enough food to feed a family of 39 for 72 years of a zombie apocalypse. It’s a compulsion that I have to fix.
  • I have a “60 nights in the motorhome” goal, which is completely doable and means I need to call soon to schedule an appointment to dewinterize at the end of February.
  • I want to extend my normal camping boundaries. My 24 year old and his family and my almost 20 year old live in Seattle. I’d really like to schedule one or two trips that are a meet in the middle thing.

I guess that all that’s left to be said is bring on 2017!!




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