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The Future (to be continued…)

We often discuss future plans of traveling the United States for a year: what to see (everything!), which route would we take out Oregon, which cat would we take (Blitzen), what happens with the house, how many pairs of shoes can I sneak into the motorhome, etc

Some details are easy. Our oldest will live in the house with the 7 cats that we can’t take. We pay the mortgage, she pays the utilities. She would have a nice, big house in the country, and we would have the security of knowing that our house and our cats are in good hands.

The route would depend on when we left. If we left at the end of summer, we would head south. If we left at the end of spring, we would head east. Every move will be planned around having the best weather possible. There will be a bit of compromise there, since ideal weather to me is in the high 80’s to low 90’s and my husband is more of a low 70’s type of guy.

What to see? If it says National Park, National Monument, National Treasure, or National Biggest Ball of Twin, I want to see it. All of it. Every single thing worth seeing is on my list, and even some things that weird people would think aren’t worth seeing, but what to they know?

Camping with a cat? Why not. Blitzen has the perfect temperament for camping, and we’ve been training him for the last 3 camping seasons. I think last summer he probably had 21 nights in the motorhome, although so far his longest trip is 3 nights. He is harness and leash trained. By trained, I mean cat-trained as in he makes the rules.  He will wear the harness and leash, and he will explore, but he goes where he wants rather than where we want. Little kids always love to see him out on his leash, and he likes to be admired. Win win for all. It will devastate me to leave the other cats. Fortunately my daughter is well accustomed to my need to FaceTime my cats, and she indulges me. (I’ll be paying the mortgage after all!)

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(Blitzen’s walking vest/harness was custom ordered from Hyendry for our savannah cats. The savannahs outgrew it, so now they have a larger one, and Blitz gets to show that he is a Seahawks fan!)

The shoes. OMG, the shoes! Sometimes I think one of my husband’s biggest complaints is how many shoes are scattered on the closet floor. Think about it though. Take boots for example. I need knee-high black boots and brown boots with varying heel heights. The same goes for booties, and a few pairs have to be more like mid-calf. Cowboy boots. I almost forgot cowboy boots. I need winter boots that are for 40 degrees below 0 and winter boots that are for everyday winter. I need rain boots, because sometimes I like to stomp in puddles (did that last week at work).I need fuzzy boots to wear around the house like slippers, and I need a ratty pair for sitting by the campfire. So now I’ve filled the entire motorhome closet with boots, and I haven’t even started on sneakers, flats, pumps, casual slip-ons, sandals, and flip flops. What was I thinking when I bought a motorhome that is only 24’6″ long?

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