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Now that Christmas is over…

Even though winter just technically arrived on December 21st, I am ready for summer. In the past 3 weeks, we’ve received roughly 3 feet of snow. The yearly average is 23.8 inches according to wikipedia. I know that the snow is good for the water tables, lessens the fire risk, and yada, yada, yada, but I am ready for nice weather and camping season!

It feels like it hasn’t been above freezing for eleventy billion days, and to keep my mind off the weather, I decided to start researching future camping trips. I put on warm pajamas, turned on the fireplace and plopped myself onto my bed with a beer, a map, my MacBook, a notebook, and a couple of cats and started Googling campgrounds. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day after Christmas!


I’m also amping up my plans for my annual reconfiguration of storage in the motorhome, even though I know that 75% of my changes will be rejected after the first couple of trips of the season. I’m quite predictable when it comes to sticking with changes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an IKEA list a mile long.

Another thing that is keeping me from going snow crazy is figuring out how to incorporate a couple of Christmas presents into my travels. On Black Friday I ordered myself an Instant Pot, because there is nothing wrong with buying oneself an early Christmas gift.  It took a week for me to overcome my fear and do the pressure test. Now I use it several times per week. I’m not making anything fancy yet, but it has become my go to appliance for making hard boiled eggs and batches of chicken to shred. Because it is bulky and I have limited storage, I don’t know that I will use it in the motorhome yet, but I will definitely be use it for stocking my tiny freezer and fridge for weekends and vacations.

My husband bought me an Apple Watch. I’ve only been wearing it for 3 days, but it is quickly becoming indispensable! I keep finding myself telling it to remind me what day I can make reservations for future camping weekends. It is water resistant, which means I can keep it on even if I want to jump in a lake to cool off on a hot day. I also walk a lot when I’m camping, because campgrounds are fun to wander and I want to see how other people set up camp. Where else would I discover things that I can’t live without? Last year I saw an adorable camping flamingo, and I still need one! My husband probably disagrees, but what does he know, right?


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