All Around The Campfire

River Bend County Park

The last weekend of August we met up with family at River Bend County Park a few miles east of Sweet Home, Oregon. Thanks to a road closure to replace a bridge on Highway 20, our 90 mile drive to the campground turned out to be 160 miles. Lucky us!

We arrived at about 5pm on Friday, and there was already a campfire going in our site. We had sites 5B snd 6B, and they were huge! We backed the motorhome in leaving about 10 feet behind it and still had plenty of room for my daughter’s car (she wasn’t arriving until the next day). The sites have electric and water, but no sewer. There is a dump station on site near the entrance. We’ve become pretty efficient at set up, so less than 15 minutes after we arrived, we were sitting by the fire with beer.

There was a trail to the Santiam River leading from our site, and there is a nice wide trail all along the river with benches every so often so that people can relax while taking in the view. Our sites were nice and shaded, which is always a huge plus in August. For the first time since we bought the motorhome 2.5 years ago, I failed to take any pictures of the campsite. I seriously can’t even believe I forgot. I guess it’s a sign we were having a lot of fun!

On Saturday everyone left the campsite (prior commitments and animal care) except for myself, my 16 year old son, and my 16 year old nephew. The second their cars disappeared, we were tossing bacon on the fire! Campfire bacon is absolutely the best, but I only had enough in the fridge for 3 or 4 people, not 9.

After we scarfed down the bacon, we decided to take the floaties to the river. We packed a cooler and some towels and off we went. What an amazing spot! The Santiam in that area is pretty shallow and it looks like the river carved many channels through solid rock. The boys jumped the rocks all the way across the river and back, and they rode the floaties through a small channel a few times, but it was hard because their butts were dragging on the river bottom.

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Eventually a few other people left, so we were able to score a prime floating spot. The water was a few feet deep and not really moving, but not stagnant either. My husband, MIL, and FIL arrived back at the campground and joined us at the river. None of them were brave enough to hop in the river with the boys and I. Their loss.

The rest of the weekend was spent by the fire eating and chatting. There was a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity, which left me feeling like I had broken ribs from laughing. The boys decided to sleep in hammocks, so they put them in the trees at the back of the site. Better them than me! I enjoy my comfy bed way too much to sleep in a hammock for more than a quick nap.

Sunday morning we decided that we had so much fun that we would do the same campground and same sites next year, but we are adding one more site, because my folks want to come along too. I’m hoping everyone will make it next year. We were missing my nephew and two of my sons, my DIL, and my grandson this time. They were all getting one of those fun life lessons where you figure out that your job won’t just give you time off every time you want it.  I feel like that was me and my husband only a few years ago. Circle of life!


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