All Around The Campfire

The saddest day of the year

November 11th will be the saddest day of the year for the camping season. I plan to drop off the motorhome to be winterized. (so much sad face!)

I’ve been stalling and stalling, since it’s been over a month since our last trip out. The weather was gorgeous this past weekend, but thanks to one of those people that is soooooooo important that they can’t possibly stay home from work when sick, I was fighting a miserable chest cold. I already have temperamental lungs thank to asthma, so I just couldn’t bring myself to go camping and hang around the campfire.

Since we keep the motorhome in our pole barn, winterizing isn’t a total goodbye. Fortunately during the winter we get the occasional 60 degree weekend to remind us that winter isn’t forever, the sun will eventually come out, and I don’t need to go into some sort of winter psychotic break and murder everyone we see that is unfortunate enough to be wearing a parka in my line of site. It sucks to be a summer person in a place that gets winter. Anyway, when we have those random nice days, we take the motorhome out for a drive, and then instead of going straight back to the barn, we sit in it in the driveway for a little while and dream about places to camp and make lists of everything we simply must have before camping season starts. That’s usually when I get a brilliant idea to reorganize the kitchen into a way that I will regret two trips in. It’s like an annual thing for me, as it putting everything back the way it was before I thought I could make it better.

What will I do in those terrible 4 months before I dewinterize? I already have lots of plans to keep me entertained. I have local camping weekends to organize, and since we want to expand out a bit, I need to research different areas. I want to set up an RV trip to Tahoe for next summer. I’m experimenting with new meal ideas. What new things can I make? What  kinds of things can I prep and freeze? How can I rework the entire camping food process. Gah! I love food so much that it consumes way more of my time that it should! I’ll work on that while I count down the days until March.

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