All Around The Campfire

Odell Lake Resort August 12-15 2016

I’m just a teensy bit behind on our camping trips, because we’re still busy camping!

When I left for Odell Lake Resort, there was a fire near Sunriver, so we decided to go all the way on the Cascade Lakes Highway. Even though I’ve lived here for 12 years, this was the first time I’ve driven the entire highway.It was just as gorgeous as I expected.

When we got to Odell Lake Resort, I started to worry. The road through the campground was so narrow and twisty and I felt like it would be a miracle to get through it without scratching the motorhome. When I finally got to my site, it was occupied. Not good. My friend, Shannon’s, site was across from mine, and there is no way she could have gotten her trailer into it based on the angle. We drove straight back to the lodge and explained the situation. It turned out that their system showed me the site I reserved, but on their end it showed a completely different site. That would have been okay, but it still left Shannon with an unusable site. To make it right, the lodge staff offered us the day use area, which turned out to be wonderful! It was a huge area right along the creek, and it was quiet since it wasn’t in the campground itself.

I pulled into the day use area first. It’s easier to maneuver a 24.5 foot motorhome into a small area than 27 foot trailer and big truck. Once I was in place, Shannon pulled in with her trailer. We had our doors facing each other, so once we had the awnings out, we had a nice communal, shaded spot.

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Finally it was time for cocktails and exploring. Shannon’s dog loves waters, so when we went to the lake but didn’t go swimming, she pretty much died a thousand deaths of neglect, because we were so, so mean. If someone would have offered her a new home right that minute, I’m sure the dog would have jumped into their arms!

The rest of the weekend was so much fun!  We did a little exploring while waiting for the husbands to arrive, we all spent a lot of time at the lake and the creek, and a friend and her daughter joined us Sunday night. Shannon and I had breakfast in the lodge on Saturday morning, because who can resist biscuits and gravy. Not me. It’s one of my weaknesses.

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  • The resort is rustic in just the right way
  • The day use area had a fire pit and picnic tables so we didn’t lose those by not being in the campground
  • We found a great spot to sit on the dock and take the dog swimming
  • The sites at the beginning of the campground would be suitable for future trips


  • Most sites are not suitable for for bigger rigs (I know that isn’t a con for most people)

My cons list is obviously pretty short, because it won’t affect everyone. A personal con was the dirt…silty, fine, obnoxious dirt. It was everywhere. I did as much laundry for 2 people after that 3 night trip as I did for 4 people for an 8 day trip to Yellowstone. I swear it took 2 weeks to get all the dirt out from under my toenails. I know dirt is part of camping, but it was so bad that we had to put a tarp under the awning mat, and when we got home we had to hose everything…mats, chairs, shoes, feet, several beer koozies. Fortunately, the rest of the area wasn’t like that including the campground. I will go back when I can reserve one of the sites at the entrance. And next time I will take more advantage of the lake activities.

All in all it turned out to be a great weekend!

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