All Around The Campfire

Baby, it’s cold outside!

All week I’ve been watching the forecast for our Labor Day weekend camping trip. It’s going to be cold!


Last weekend I packed swimming suits and this weekend is all about layers of warmth for the nights. I think I packed at least 17 hoodies for myself. Ok, that is a slight exaggeration, but only slight, because I hate to be cold.

One nice thing about the cold forecast is that this weekend will be all about relaxing by the fire. this is the third camping weekend in a row, and I’m worn out! Usually we are on the go most of the day, but except for a few walks to the lakes and the lodge, my butt will be planted in my chair with a hot drink at my side. I’m partial to cider with a splash or two of caramel vodka, although tea with a bit of honey whisky works in a pinch.



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