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Girl Camp at Scout Lake

Girl Camp is one of my favorite weekends of the summer! No boys allowed!

This year Girl Camp was at Scout Lake. It’s a small campground with only 10 sites, but most of the sites are doubles and triples. We were in site 1, which was huge. We could have easily fit 5 campers into the site.

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One of the most important things when we choose a campground for Girl Camp is the proximity to water. We like a place where we can claim a spot on the beach for towels, blankets, and a cooler full of snacks and drinks. It wouldn’t be Girl Camp without hours spend on a lake on floaties.

My daughter and I didn’t get there until nearly 7:00pm on Friday. I quickly leveled, put out the slides, and started dragging out my camping necessities. My fellow girl campers for this trip, Shannon and Jeannie, go quite the show while I dragged out everything but the kitchen sink. I need my awning mat, my chairs, my BBQ table, my table cloths, my cute citronella candles, etc. I wonder if maybe I should order a portable kitchen sink. Too much? I’d have dragged out more, but cocktails were calling my name.

We walked down to the lake to figure out our plan off attack to get a good spot the next morning. Scout Lake is a natural lake with no inlet or outlet. It’s shallow, and the water is warm for a mountain lake. It’s also tiny and doesn’t allow motorized boats, so it is perfect for floating.

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The rest of Friday was spent by the campfire, and I think we all went to bed pretty early. In fact, I think we go to bed earlier every year! Damn all this getting older stuff.

Saturday morning after eggs and bacon, I had to relevel the motorhome. In my Friday rush to cocktail time, I did a terrible job of leveling, and I slept with my head downhill. It only took a few minutes, but it was a few minutes I didn’t want to take. I will never be so cavalier with leveling again!

We spent hours down at the lake floating, eating, drinking (don’t worry, we are careful not to over imbibe while we are in the water, because we don’t want to drown), and adding more layers of sunscreen. Jocelyn normally camps with us, but she was only able to come out for the day. She caught up with me when I was walking back to the campsite for ice. Our little spot on the beach was really quiet and peaceful for the first few hours. The only mishap was when Jeannie got a bee sting right on her butt cheek! Ouch! Oddly, the only picture I took on the beach was of Shannon looking for the stinger. Once we were invaded by young kids, we decided to pack up and go back to the campsite. It was time to relax until the heat passed enough to build a campfire.

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You know what?!? We never made it to the campfire. Thanks to the heat and beer, we were all too tired, except for my daughter who napped earlier in the day. Instead we played Cards Against Humanity and then opted for showers instead of a fire and then watched a movie. Or part of a movie, because who can stay up for a whole movie?

That’s one of the things I really like about Girl Camp. We have no schedule. If we don’t have a campfire, we won’t disappoint kids that love s’mores. We get a break from the constant cleaning and puttering around that women tend to do. I so often see that meme that implies that women that take time for themselves are bad mothers and wives. Screw that noise! When Girl Camp is over, I’m so exited to come home and see my kids and husband, because I feel rejuvenated. I even manage a few days of not grumbling about being the only person in the house that knows that we own a dishwasher.

Ok, off the soapbox. Obviously I managed to bring up one of my pet peeves. Lame. I think I need another Girl Camp to get over it.

The next morning we weren’t in a rush. I packed by literally throwing things into my storage hatches thanks to bees that decided that I was their  new best friend. Shannon’s electric  tongue jack failed and wouldn’t stay latched for driving. She had to bungee it into place for the trip home and to the dealer for repair. I think I was home by noon – worn out, but still with enough motivation to clean the motorhome for the next trip! Plus, it’s time to start kicking around ideas for Girl Camp next summer.

**Edited to add…many women think that they can’t deal with their campers without their husbands – scared to drive a motorhome, scared to tow a trailer, scared of the set up and take down. Here’s the thing. You CAN do it. Sure, there are some things to learn, but it just takes a little practice and confidence in your abilities. Get your girlfriends to help and go out for a weekend. You won’t regret it!**

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