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Vacation 2016 – Gros Ventre

We loved Gros Ventre campground in Grand Teton National Park!

We tend to split our camping between National Forest campgrounds (no hookups) and Oregon State Parks (full hookups). We are spoiled by spacious sites and a real feel of being out in nature. Grow Ventre has that same feeling.

We were a little worried about getting in, because Gros Ventre doesn’t take reservations. We arrived mid morning on a Friday, and we were assigned to site 96 in the B loop. It was a nice, level site with plenty of room. While we had people on either side of us, we didn’t feel at all crowded. We were only a couple of sites away from the bathrooms (the bathrooms were fine, but don’t go in them if you are scared of spiders!). It was easy to get to the path to the river through the unoccupied site across from us.

After 5 nights of full hookups, the boys were a little disgruntled about dry camping, but they got over it quickly, when they realized they could still watch a movie as we were all settling in for the night. I was a little disgruntled about the lack of electric, because it was hot, hot, hot. We gave the generator a pretty good workout so that we could run the AC for a bit in the evenings to cool things down. I also took advantage of the generator running to plug in the ice maker to restock the ice supplies.

When we checked in, I completely forgot we were traveling without water. I am so accustomed to filling my water tank at home when we dry camp, because it’s always within a 45 mile drive. Because I forgot, I had to take the motorhome back to the campground entrance to fill the tanks. Normally this is a thing that I do on my own, but I had my husband watch the water tank sensor to tell me when it was full. I neglected to make sure that he knew that the tank sensor flashes between 2/3 and full when it starts with the last 1/3 of the tank. We filled to 2/3, which meant roughly 22 gallons of water for 48 hours, and we all needed a shower. I don’t know how we did it, but we only used about half the water. I guess I’ve drilled in the concept of navy showers pretty well, so yay me!!

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After the close quarters and inability to have a fire at Fishing Bridge, we really enjoyed having a more standard camping experience. The boys played a few rounds of washers, and another camper stopped by to tell us about playing it as a kid, and she didn’t know it was a real game. I wouldn’t be surprised if she started a hunt for her own set. We had a campfire and s’mores, but through all the heat of traveling, the marshmallows turned into one giant blob, so s’mores were a challenge. All in all, Gros Ventre was a nice, relaxing campground. The only real excitement was when a lady a couple of sites away came to get some milk from us after a child in their ground fell off his bike and knocked out a tooth. She needed the milk to hold the tooth while his parents took him into Jackson. There is not one thing wrong with that being the only excitement. We needed a campground where we could unwind and walk to the river and hear the birds and chill by the fire.

I will definitely stay at Gros Ventre again. I would go tomorrow.


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