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Vacation 2016 – Grand Teton National Park

We left Fishing Bridge early one morning with plans to try to get a site at Gros Ventre campground at the south end of Grand Teton National Park. Except for the the time that a suicidal deer leaped out in front of us, the trip was without incident, and we were assigned to site 96.

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Gros Ventre was by far our favorite campground on the trip. We didn’t get a site with hookups (they have some that offer electric), but we mostly dry camp, so we weren’t that worried. Next time we travel without a full tank of water, I need to put a giant sticky note on the dash, because guess what I forgot!

We drove into Jackson for lunch and to do a bit of exploring with a stop at the fish hatchery on the way, but we were back at Gros Ventre by mid afternoon. I took the motorhome back to the entrance of the campground and filled the water tank, and then we set up camp. It was a hot, hot day, so we followed a path to the river to cool off.

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We spent most of Saturday exploring Grand Teton National Park. The campground is just a couple of miles from Mormon Row, so we started there. Unfortunately there were a couple of fires nearby, so many of our pictures are hazy.

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We really wanted to hike around Jenny Lake, but there wasn’t any parking, so we headed north finally ended up at Jackson Lodge for lunch and taking in the view. Jackson Lodge went way up on our list of places to stay someday. The views were absolutely stunning!

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The next morning we had plans to start toward home with a stop at Craters of the Moon National Monument on the way. Instead we decided that we were all tired and ready to be home. We drove 700 miles in 13.5 hours just to sleep in our own beds! Plus, I got a head start on the 13 loads of laundry that followed us into the house.


I used the last vacation day to do all that laundry and get the motorhome cleaned up and prepped for the next trip…

A girls weekend. No husbands! No kids! No pets!

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Vacation 2

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