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Vacation 2016 – Fishing Bridge

We stayed at Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone for two nights. It is the only campground in the park that offers hookups. I read many reviews that terrible and a few that were good, but mostly the reviews were mediocre and stated that Fishing Bridge was like camping in a parking lot.

We were in the F loop, which meant that we were beyond the paved area. Even if the speed limit was 60mph, we couldn’t have driven the motorhome more than about 3mph. Some of the potholes were big enough to turn into swimming pools! We rarely have an issue with things falling out of cabinets, but each one I opened after that campground road was opened very slowly to keep from being maimed by canned food or flashlights.

The site was double wide, so we had no problem fitting both the motorhome and the Jeep. We didn’t have to use leveling blocks, and the spacing wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. There was about a 15 foot wide area between our site and the one next to us, which is more than we had at either of the KOAs we stayed at on the trip.

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It’s a good thing the site was level, because I needed the leveling blocks to raise my sewer hose support. The sewer pipe was 9 or 10 inches off the ground. The motorhome is low, and the connection is made from underneath, so the hose actually ran uphill. What a huge pain in the butt  that was to empty! I think if I stay there again, I would have to put the motorhome up on 6 inch blocks if I wanted to be hooked up correctly.

We didn’t use any of the facilities while we were there. The bathrooms looked fine, and I didn’t get a chance to use the showers, because the lines were so long. Each site gets 2 showers per day included in the fee. They also have laundry facilities, but again, I didn’t use them, since I didn’t need to wash anything. Not far down the road, you’ll find a gas station, auto repair shop, visitors center, and a general store with souvenirs, groceries, and a diner.

Fishing Bridge doesn’t allow campfires, and the sites do not have picnic tables. Only hard-sided vehicles are allowed. It was a quiet campground. People were touring the park during the day, and it seemed like everyone was inside their campers by the time the sun went down.

I would probably stay here again for a couple of nights, but I think I would also check out some of the other campgrounds for a less RV Park experience.

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