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Vacation 2016 – A New Start

After the nerve wracking start to our vacation, we wanted to make up as much time as we could considering we didn’t leave Boise until 4:00 PM and hit a lot of traffic heading out of town. After 4 hours, we were done, done, done.

A couple of weeks before we left, I did some minor research of places to stop it we didn’t make our original destination of Idaho Falls on day one. I briefly looked at Massacre Rocks State Park, so when I saw signs for it, I suggested we pull over for the night.

None of my research said “OMG, you have to stay here, because it is absolutely gorgeous,” so I am here to tell you that “OMG, you have to stay here, because it is absolutely gorgeous!”

We stayed in site 14 up on the bluff. The site was a tiny bit unloved, but not enough for us to break out the Lynx Levelers for a night. We had water and electric hookups, a picnic table overlooking the Snake River, and a fire pit which made the boys happy,

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I took a little walk down one of the many trails to the Snake River. it felt like rattlesnake country, but the only thing to cross my path were a few wild rabbits.



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If you’re ever near American Falls, Idaho, don’t pass up the chance to stay here.

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