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Lola and Jenny Got Hitched!

After we bought the motorhome in 2014 we started the hunt for something to tow. Call it a dinghy, call it a toad, call it whatever. I wanted one like my kids want sugar.

My Lola is only rated to tow around 4200 pounds, and if you do al the GVWR calculations, it’s probably less. I’d like to think I understand this all, but I’m iffy, so I just keep taking things out of the motorhome to lower the weight, and I looked for a vehicle that was several hundred pounds under the 4200 guideline. I realize this sounds like the most idiotic way to find a vehicle to tow, but I also spent a lot of time reading about towing limits. Just because I haven’t calculated the weight down to the ounce doesn’t mean I didn’t research what other Sprinter C owners and Solera owners were towing.

Technically our requirements were something that could be flat-towed and had an automatic transmission. Sadly, I have a huge mental block about manual transmissions. I can drive one in a pinch, but only if my husband isn’t with me, because he has this thing about cars making weird noises when shifting. We’ve tried it, and we’d rather be married than have me drive a manual. Not technically, I wanted something fun, which meant I wanted a Jeep Wrangler. I spent two decades driving mom cars. I didn’t dislike them, but full-sized SUVs are not my dream.

Since we have super connections (work at dealerships), I knew that we would be able to find the perfect Jeep. It took forever! The weight limit meant that we needed a two door Jeep, and believe it or not, those are hard to find! We watched all the auto auctions on the west coast for months. When we found Jenny the Jeep, I was elated!

Then the indecisiveness set in…do we really want to tow? what do we buy? is it safe? will the Jeep disconnect and kill a million people? (We also exaggerate a tiny bit)

One week after I received my “Happy One Year Anniversary” car purchase letter, I dropped the Jeep off at Jerry’s RV to be set up for towing. We went with an Invisibrake and a Falcon 2 tow bar. I learned how to hook up and disconnect, and I took 8000 pictures of the connections. Three minutes into my first tow, I went through a double lane roundabout, which means I passed the test.

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I am one step closer to living on the road, and I could’t be happier!

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