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A Tour of the Solera

When you have a tiny RV, you have two big rules you have to follow: you can’t take a ton of stuff, and what you do take has to be carefully organized.

Rule 1 is a constant work in progress for me. I am definitely an over packer. I think I need all of the things, because what if, what if, what if runs through my head constantly.  I never know when I will need that 4th set of BBQ tongs, right?

Rule 2 is also a constant work in progress. I’m always looking for a better way to store things so that they are easily accessible and maybe so I can fit more sets of BBQ tongs. Plus, the wardrobe has to function just as easily for a weeks long trip as it would for a weekend. I like shoes. I don’t have a lot of space for shoes. This face causes me a lot of packing stress, and I think my husband would be pretty lame about my need for a trailer for my shoes. Weird, I know.

Here is what I have to work with:

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The bathroom is quite small. The toilet and shower are in a teeny, tiny room, and the sink is in the  “hallway” to the bedroom.

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The bedroom  has the bed in a slide, and when we travel the bed is only about 3 feet deep and turns into a queen-sized bed when the slide is out. There is one narrow closet on the bed’s passenger side. It’s maybe 9 inches wide, and we use it for coats. Underneath the coats I store user manuals, our fan, and my fuzzy boots that I can’t live without on cold evenings.

I use the weird cabinets under the bed for liquor storage. They are hard to access, and they are only about 4 inches deep.

There is also a wardrobe that I have fitted with plastic drawers and a couple of bins. The bins are for hoodies and shoes, and we use the drawers for all of my clothes and some of my husband’s clothes. Most of his stuff goes in the drawer underneath the wardrobe.

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I have a huge kitchen in my house. This one is not so huge. I have two drawers and two cabinets (one is used for food, and one is pots, pans, and trash can)  so I decided to make one drawer in the dinette seating and all 3 cabinets above the dinette into kitchen storage.

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We use the cabover bed to store extra bedding, and the cabinet above the door holds DVD’s and paper towels.

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Outside storage is where I’ve really put a lot of work the last few weeks. It was a terribly unorganized jumble with stuff just tossed anywhere, but now it’s useable.

The hatch near the door is used for small stuff: cook stove, BBQ, tools, etc.


The rear storage is one large hatch with 4 doors. One section is for the cooler (we don’t always take that), one is for the sewer necessities (in a bin) and the water necessities (in a bin), while fishing gear and firewood go in another section. The center section is quite deep, so I store stuff in layers. At the bottom I have cast iron cookware and a couple of outdoor games. My camp table sits on top of that, and my chairs are on top of the table. The awning mat tucks behind the chairs.

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Right now I’m pretty pleased by how I’ve organized my small space. Who knows how I’ll feel in two weeks!

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