All Around The Campfire

My favorite new toy!

We are very fortunate to have a pole barn behind our house, and that is where we store the motorhome. We built it 10 years ago, and the contractor convinced us to put in an RV bay for a future buyer. We also had it wired with a 50 amp outlet, so that my dad would have a spot to plug in his Class A when he visits.


In the decade we have had the barn, I have never been able to open the 14 foot RV door all the way without a really annoying process.

  1. push up the door as hard as I can and then watch it come back down
  2. push up the door with a burst of strength, pull a muscle or two, and then watch it come back down
  3. use angry strength to shove the door up (usually while cursing), then before it can fall, shove a big wooden pole under the edge and use it to push the door the rest of the way up
  4. scavenge all over the house for my tweezers (yay for having kids), so i can pull the slivers from the giant wooden pole out of my fingers

The other day we had a guy out to replace the house garage door that was damaged in a storm, and he was also replacing the sensors in the garage door opener, because a dog pulled a sensor off when he was a puppy, so we could not longer use the garage door remote. We also had him install garage door openers in the barn.

Holy cow! This thing is a life changer!


I think i’m going to name him Howard and declare him my new BFF! I made the door go up and down several times last night, and then my husband did the same when he got home from work. Obviously, we are people that are easily entertained.

We also had an opener put on the 10 foot door for the other bay. Those two doors, along with the house garage door, are all controlled by one remote. I can just pull up to the door in my Jeep, press a button, and drive right in and park. I feel like I really moved up in the world!

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