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Gull Point Campground – Memorial Day Weekend

Gull Point Campground Site 12

Gull Point Campground Site 12

Wickiup Reservoir is only about 45 minutes from Bend, which makes it a great choice for us. There are several campgrounds within a short drive of each other, and for this trip we chose Gull Point. We’ve stayed there several times, and our first trip in the motorhome was in site 14.

On weekend trips I often head to the campground on Friday with my friend, Shannon, and our husbands (almost forgot to make that a plural!) come out Saturday after work. I was really proud of myself for preparing early for the trip, so all I had to do was sneak out of work early, fill the water tank while loading a few last minute things, and then I was set. Unfortunately, life likes to get in the way of easy. The day before we had to put one of our dogs to sleep. He had been sick for a couple of months, and we knew it was only a matter of time. Our other dog, Max, had never been without a dog BFF. He hadn’t been camping in a few years, but there was no way I was leaving him home with the teenagers the day after he lost his bestie. I grabbed all the extra stuff needed to take Max camping, and then I convinced him the motorhome wasn’t a terrible place to take a ride. He didn’t want to get in any sort of vehicle after watching me take Sage away in my car and not bringing him back home.

As you can see, he settled in just fine

As you can see, he settled in just fine

I’d reserved Site 12. It was the most unloved site I’ve ever had. I moved around a few times, used all my leveling blocks including putting a couple under the driver’s side rear stabilizer, and I still couldn’t get level. I finally gave up and decided I had to live with the slight slant. I also added another package of lynx levelers to my list. Other than that the site was great. There was plenty of space for my husband to bring a truck, and we could have parked another car too. I couldn’t see into the site behind me at all, and the site in front was far enough away that I didn’t feel crowded.

Trip Disasters!

I had a few disasters.

  • I took Max to the lake to swim and he lost his ball. I went in the water to retrieve it (I’m so well trained!), and I fell in a hole. I was up to my neck in icy cold water that took my breath away, and it sucked.
  • On the way back from the lake while I was still soaking wet, Max pooped in the middle of the road. I didn’t have a bag, but a fellow camper gave me a grocery bag. I picked up the poop, tied the bag, and then Max saw something and jerked my arm. I spun around a bit, and hit myself on the side of the head with a bag of warm poop. It sucked.
  • I had to shower after that, because even though the poop was bagged, the bag touched my head, and I felt gross.  After I showered I realized that I didn’t pack any underwear for myself. That sucked too, but I’m not totally averse to going commando.
  • Last time we dumped the tanks, I must not have slammed the blank tank handle all the way in. It was open just enough to sent out a cascade of pee when I pulled off the cap. I managed to get the sewer hose on quickly while my husband jumped away and left me to do the dirty work. (We made this horrible agreement a couple of years ago…he buys me a motorhome and I empty the tanks) We dumped the tanks, rinsed everything thoroughly with only a little gagging (him, not me), and cleaned up. It sucked the most.

Trip Amazingness!

Max had a wonderful time rediscovering his love of camping, and he especially liked that we weren’t in a tent. Thanks to the furnace, his old bones stayed nice and warm. He had a bed under the table for the first night, and the next afternoon we turned the dinette into a bed and covered it in layers of blankets. He really love sleeping there, but I missed my table, so we won’t do that again. I have a tiny, tiny, tiny kitchen, and I use the table as extra counter space.

We drove a few miles down the road to fish under the dam. Actually, the husbands fished, and I held the beer. And the dog, because he loves water and will jump in and be gone before we can catch him.

We drank too much (neighbors introduced us to black cherry whisky!), and we ate too much. Breakfast burritos, stew with dumplings, chili & cornbread, at least 4 types of dip…we stuffed ourselves.

I’m ready to go again!



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